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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Tablescape

I love to set a pretty table when I entertain at Christmas ....don't you?

I really love this may just turn out  be my favorite one of the Christmas season! 

The centerpiece of my tablescape is an enamelware  two tiered stand.

I filled the top tier with cotton snow.    Then placed a rose bouquet,    Merry Christmas ornament,   a pink caddy ornament and a sweet little girl on the snow..

The second tier is also filled with snow.     I placed two small bottle brush trees in the snow,    a rose bouquet like the one on the top tier,   and Nipper (more commonly know as the RCA Dog)

I made a wreath around the bottom of the stand using  6 small  bushes of frosted eucalyptus.

On the left side of the centerpiece,   I have a huge enamelware coffee cup with a eucalyptus planted in it.

On the right side of the centerpiece is a lidded enamelware piece with a pink gingham bow and a Santa head on the lid.

Here's how the backside of the tiered stand looks.

I used a twin sized bed crocheted piece as the tablecloth......

I used plaid place mats.......

Metal chargers.......metal look silverware......white ironstone dinner plates and my go to pink water goblets (you've seen me use all this many many times)   What is new is the Christmas dessert / salad plates.    I found them at Walmart for less than $4 each.     I bought 2 car plates ....for the guys.....and a tree and deer plate for the girls.    I have blue place cards on a white ceramic cow at each of the guys places.

I have a tree plate and pink place card at one of the girls places......

and a deer plate and pink place card at the other ladies place.

I didn't put a napkin at each plate,  so I plan to pass around pretty paper napkins as!    How many we will need depends on how messy we are!    

I don't like to have large crowds for dinner.......just a few friends is so much better to me.

I will have a couple of dinners with about 20 people,   and those dinners will be fun too!   
 Do you like to have a couple of parties with lots of friends at one time.......or several smaller parties with just a few friends at a time?


  1. Oh Penny your table looks so sweet! I love every detail. And the plates you added are so fun. I hope your holidays are wonderful & full of memorable moments.

    Christmas blessings, Edie Marie @ Edie Marie's Attic

  2. Your guests will be ooohing and awwwing over the lovely setting!!!

  3. My table does not look nearly as fancy and fully decorated as yours.

  4. This is such beautiful. The centerpiece is very pretty

  5. Beautiful, Beautiful! I have some lovely pink and white Haviland china that would look great in a table setting like this. Thank you for the idea!

  6. Beautiful decorations! Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

  7. Charming and ADORABLE !! lOVE IT !!

  8. Penny!!!!

    I agree with you om this may be my favorite tablescape of yours!! First of all, did I miss where you got that enamel tiered stand???? LOVE it! And the Nipper dog. I think I may have mentioned to you that Joe's Mom worked for RCA for many years and is a member of the Nipper Club, a group of RCA retirees!! And those salad plates! LOVE them! I just my have o stop into WalMart to take a look!! LOVED this tablescape!!!

  9. What a beautiful table setting - not dinner party at that could be anything less than a social success!
    I like small sit down dinners for a few guests - or large cocktail parties where people can wander and I don't have to worry about space for them all to sit at the same time!
    Thanks for sharing your lovely room - and Happy Pink Saturday!

  10. Love your Christmas tablescape. It is one of my favorites too. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.

  11. So pretty as is everything you create, Penny! Are your little cow placecard holders by chance from Michaels? I purchased a very similar set there earlier this year - they are adorable! Nipper is wonderful... Merry Christmas to you and yours, this is lovely!

  12. Beautiful table. I love the centrepiece with the enamelware pans. A nice selection of dish-ware . Merry Christmas.

  13. Love the centerpiece and tiered display! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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