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Friday, January 5, 2018

Adding Sparkle to the area above the Range Hood

I added some sparkle to the area over the range hood by hanging a mirror on it.    I just love the new look! 
I have a big chandelier hanging over the island that's across from the range.   The mirror reflects all that wonderful chandelier light plus most of the walls around the kitchen.

The addition of a mirror really brightened up the kitchen!

The mirror is reflecting the big roosters I have on top of the Hoosier on the opposite kitchen wall.

Here is a before and after photo.     From drab to fab!   
I also changed the crocheted hood vent cover and I replaced the pink blessed sign on the wall over the burners.

I replaced the blessed sign with an enamelware mail box.     

I can use magnets to leave a little note for H.......

I packed up all the Christmas decor on this end of the kitchen counter and created a few Farmhouse style vignettes..

The first vignette is my collection of butter churns that I use to hold sugar,  flour,  salt,  and tea.

Here is the second vignette........

I've had different wreaths hung over the open cabinets above the counter and I was ready for a change.

I hung a metal compartment thingy over the opening and used the shelves to display a collection of salt and pepper shakers.

You've seen me use this metal compartment thingy many times to display a variety of stuff.       BUT,   it was always laying it's upright and hanging!      I've had mine for more than a year,   but I think Hobby Lobby still stocks them.

I just love to think of ways to repurpose or use things in a way that was not intended for them,   don't you!

Have a wonderful week end!


  1. Just beautiful Penny! It does add a little sparkle and shine! I also love your old churns! Happy Saturday... Leticia

  2. I would not know there was a range there!!! Love the rose knobs!!!

  3. Penny,
    WOWZA!! Adore the addition of the mirror and I LOVE those butter churns!! I also like that compartment thing too! LOL!! As I have said before, everything looks great!

  4. I truly adore and appreciate how you decorate. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. As usual, I love everything you've done. Enjoy seeing how you use so many items in different ways than intended like the metal tray as a shelf to showcase your salt and pepper shakers. I have fun doing that too. Love your antique butter churns, especially how you use them to hold baking items and leave them out on the counter so you can enjoy them all the time. I think the sweetest thing though is the heart shaped note to H.

  6. Penny it's all so pretty. The antique churns to hold flour, sugar etc. is brilliant and so quaint. Question -- what do you have OVER your stove/burners?? Whatever it is -- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea!

  7. It is so lovely. The mirror does bring in the light which is nice on the dark winter days.

  8. Hanging a mirror to reflect all the beauty in your kitchen was a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing at Snickerdoodle.

  9. A little bling goes a long way in your kitchen! Couldn't be more lovely.

  10. I love the butter churn bottles. They are so adorable.


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