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Monday, February 19, 2018

A New Look in the Dining Room for Spring

There's been a lot of painting,  cleaning, and moving furniture around in the formal dining room to give it a fresh look for spring.

Furniture arrangement before.....................................New look for spring

 The dining table and sitting area switched places........the coffee table has been moved to the studio.......the sofa found a new home at the end of the dining table.......3  leaves were added to the table...........and more changes are coming!

The little white cabinet in the corner started all this!      The project started out to be just a coat of white paint on the cabinet.....then it exploded into a complete makeover for the dining room.

The dining table has a pretty faux wood tablecloth on it to give the dining room a bit of a farmhouse look.

The table runner is a long enamel piece.......

My candle is named "Fields of Clover" and it makes the whole room smell like a big field of clover.

The centerpiece is a simple stack of greenery trays with a metal pail of flowers on the top and yellow chicks scattered around.

I didn't want a big floral design on the table,   but I thought it would be fun to set one on the sofa at the end of the table.    If there are several of us to eat,   the sofa can scoot out for seating and the floral design can be set on the floor.

I have the buffet all set up for entertaining.

I have my favorite silver serving pieces ready to be filled with delicious food.    

I have a few spring touches on the buffet,.......a sweet sheep 

Last week my wood slice cake was on the table in the family dining room,    but today it is on the buffet and the cows and metal barn have been replaced with spring sheep.

I have a small table behind the sofa to serve dessert on.

The dessert table got a coat of white paint at the same time the display cabinet did.


I still have lots of work left to do in the dining room.      The dishes in the dark wood cabinet in the corner need to be arranged.     Right now they're just stacked in there.

The fireplace mantel needs some pretty spring touches added to it.

You may recognize the tea cup/saucer display united from the entry.      I had them hung long ways there,    now they are stacked.       I need to fill the rest of the compartments with something.....don't know what yet.....but something!

I need to make a decision about the dated window treatments.     I know they don't look like they're more than 25 years old,   but they are.      I can't have them cleaned again or they will fall apart.......I'm even afraid to vacuum them anymore!    So,  should I just replace them now,   or wait until they fall apart!

I love the new furniture arrangement,  white paint,    and spring touches!   

Be back soon with an update on my progress in the dining room!


  1. oH.... Penny I sure hate to see you take the window treatment down. They look so pretty & soft on your walls & will go with anything, but I know the farmhouse look is big right now but some things just can't take their place & look as good. My advice (lol)I love windows cover up If they were mind I would let the hang. What ever you do I know it will be beautiful~ "nothing is for ever"

  2. Very pretty dear Penny. I love your dining room, it's a big room too.
    The touches of Spring are lovely.

  3. Penny,
    I would wait until those window treatment apart because they are stunning!! Love all the other changes especially the painted of the table!! I also love that sofa!!

  4. It all looks so great, tho I am not a big deer head (or any animal head) thing. The candle sounds wonderful! Mmmm!

  5. What nice large dining room. I do like that sofa and your table with the decorations. Beautiful.

  6. Beautiful look of the room. Inspiring decors for Spring. Thank you:)

  7. Your dining room looks beautiful, as always! I always love your decorations! Your dining room looks perfect in every way! Thank you for sharing!

    - Natalie A.

  8. Your decors and ideas are always amazing

  9. Always fun to visit....everything is so pretty and feminine!

  10. This is a beautiful room. And I didn't realize at first that you didn't have a farmhouse table until you pointed out the faux wood tablecloth.
    :) gwingal

  11. Your attention to detail is just stunning!- and beautiful! Thanks for sharing at #FridayFrenzy!

  12. I really adore that wood neat! Thanks for sharing on Friday Frenzy! Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck - Colleen

  13. That tablecloth is AMAZING. I cant believe it's the same room really--it looks great Penny!

  14. The wood slice cake is adorable! Thanks for sharing your pretty update at Vintage Charm!

  15. I love your precious sheep. They are adorable. I thought maybe you got a new dining table the table cloth fooled me for sure. Thanks for sharing at Keep In Touch.

  16. At first glance the tablecloth fooled me as well! Lol, love the updated decor for spring Penny! The enamel tray I have so many uses for in my head, what is that originally for do you know? also love the dessert table.... my gosh love those legs! Thanks for sharing at #fridaysfurniturefix.


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