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Friday, February 2, 2018

Farmhouse Halltree

This hall tree has been in the garage for many belonged to my mother.     I have been very reluctant to paint it since it belonged to her.     I tried to give it to my daughter....grand daughter ......just about all my close relatives that would like it because it belonged to my mother.    No takers!

So,   the other day I decided it had to be painted if it wanted to be part of my!

Isn't she a beauty now!

I really didn't have a place for it in the house unless I got rid of something,   so,  I asked my daughter if she would like to have the desk you see in the photo on the left......and she said she would love to!

After it was painted and moved into the entry,    I couldn't wait to create a floral design to put on it.    I chose a pick wicker purse as the container for my design.

Right now the weather is so mild here in Eastern New Mexico that I couldn't resist using some spring flowers in with my roses......

The floral design covers up a good deal of the mirror on the hall tree,    but that's ok because I have other mirrors in the entry.

Now I have a place to hang my jacket when I come in from the yard.

The hall tree has a drawer to keep my garden gloves in.......

On the bottom shelf,    I have a ironstone crock that belonged to my dad   

I have an umbrella handy..........

Also my garden shoes..................

I have two of the walls in the entry refreshed with different decor for 2018......

Now to finish the third wall you see on the left side of the photo.      You will be surprised at the changes that took place on that wall .......AND  the new crown moulding  that H put up in the entry.


  1. Lovely halltree and warm, welcoming entryway! I have to commend you for painting the halltree - I probably wouldn't have had the audacity to paint an antique like that LOL. When, indeed, you should do exactly what you want to do with it and make it a part of your life! I'm intrigued by your banner hanging (I love banners and pennants flying!).
    Thanks for sharing - and Happy Pink Saturday!

  2. I had one of those old hall trees in one house and no one wanted it either. When we sold the house the buyers asked if they could buy it and we gave it to them as a housewarming gift. It would have looked a lot better painted like yours. Yours looks great. xo Diana

  3. Penny, That is an absolutely gorgeous piece. Oh I love your boots and umbrella so much. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. (raising my hand to become maybe your adopted sister) :}.
    Love, love, love your hall tree and looks absolutely stunning in your entry way; along with your decorative pieces.

  5. I'm sure your mother would be happy that you made it your own and are using it. Looks great, better looking then sitting in the garage.You never fail to impress with all your ideas.

  6. Bet all those relatives wish they had it now as it's beautiful. Your mother would be glad that you're using it, whether or not it's painted, and making it a part of your life and what you love.

  7. The hall tree is lovely either painted or unpainted. I always feel torn when it comes to painting antiques, as you did. You made the right decision for you and I'll bet your daughter would love to have it now.

  8. Love it all. Your home is beautiful, but cozy and so inviting. Thank you for sharing with us.

  9. Ahhhhh....just lovely...and what a great tribute to your Mom, you've saved this and gave it new life and it looks just wonderful and revived with paint. I love how you have saved this...also the wood dough bowl in your other post...items from your Mom. This way she is there everyday .... entryway looks very welcoming. TFS! :)

  10. Penny,
    LOVE,LOVE the hall Tree!!!! Stunning transformation!!! I have always wanted one of these and would have probably got one if I did not inherit Joe's great grandmother's hutch that now sits in what I call our foyer.....

  11. I'm sure your mom would approve. I know I have been eyeing a cabinet/desk of my mom's and thinking---but it would be so lovely a light blue. Grins, living with family antiques can sometimes be daunting.

  12. Such a gorgeous transformation. I bet everyone will want it now.

  13. Your hall tree is just stunning! I love the flowers, and the sweet umbrellas, and well, everything really! Thank you so much for sharing your welcoming entryway with us at the Hearth and Soul Link Party. It's lovely to get a these glimpses of your beautiful home, Penny!

  14. I always love touring your place with all its romantic decor Penny. Thanks for sharing your beautifully decorated makeover at #FridaysFurnitureFix. It's a perfect vision of loveliness that's featured for Valentines this week!


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