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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Flower Market Mantel

It shouldn't be a secret to anyone that I love,  love,  love flowers.    I pretty much love all flowers but roses are my favorite. 

 My inspiration for this mantel was the fact that I decided to take down the Christmas tree in the formal living had been up about 3 years.     It was covered    ( er decorated with flowers,  lol)    and I didn't know what to do with all of them.....that's part of the reason it's been up so long.      So,  I decided to open up a flower market in the master bedroom.

I found a white enamel Welcome and Closed sign at Michael's the other day and thought it would be perfect for my flower market mantel.

It has a Welcome side and flips around to a Closed side.

You are going to see lots of roses on my flower market mantel.......and a FEW other kinds of flowers!

I made a few other changes to the faux fireplace that you can see in the next photo......

I freshened the fireplace opening by adding the white lace  fireplace screen that was in the family room and put a black wrought iron screen in front of it.     The black screen is new to me since my daughter didn't want it anymore and I gladly took it.   
 I replaced the Victorian houses that were above the fireplace before with a flower market theme.

The Victorian houses found a new home in  the guest bedrooms.

The flower market baskets are white enamel and can be hung or set.    I have the bigger one hung,  and the two smaller ones are just sitting on the mantle.

I also used a silver bucket to hold some of the flowers for sale at the market.

This photo shows how the fireplace looks from the master bath......

The mirror on the side of the fireplace reflects the chesser on the opposite wall...............

I have some smaller pots of flowers on the mantel......

Roses in a pretty pot.......

I have a sign on the clip stuck in a succulent pot......

I printed some vintage flowers seed can find them on my Pinterest board.......

I also have a printed sign on a milk can ........

I changed out the bedding before Christmas.......

The white spread you see in the photo on the left went to the same bedroom that the Victorian houses found a home.

Thanks for stopping by........come back soon!


  1. PENNY!!!!
    OMG!! I am speechless!! The mantle is absolutely fantastic!!! Love the white enamelware especially the sign. I might have to go to Michael's...... Your whole bedroom is stunning!! But what about that tree???? in the corner?????? Can we get a closer look at that?

  2. I love that sign and those Flower Market containers. Do you know if those are avaialble somewhere? Everything is pretty!!! xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana, I bought the sign at Michael's and the containers came from Hobby Lobby. They are all a recent purchase so they should have them in stock at your local store.....hugs...

  3. Your home is always so inspiring to me because I too love pink and flowers.

  4. Penny, your posts and pictures ALWAYS bring a smile to my face and brighten my day!!! Thank you so much.

  5. The mantle is amazing! I love the flowers market containers!!!

  6. Penny, love your bedroom, mine is pink also! I just noticed the chandelier hanging above the sewing machine, is this on a chain? I had not thought of doing that in that location, might be next on my list! Thanks for your inspiration!!

  7. Beautiful, romantic and springy! Happy Valentines Day

  8. It is definitely known to anyone that reads your blog that you love flowers. You always use them so beautifully.

  9. Your room is so pretty and white. love it.

  10. Just gorgeous. Your mantel belongs in a romantic decor magazine.

  11. Oh my! It's just stunning. And yes, flower market mantle is the perfect name for this post!

  12. Great flower market! I'd buy from you for sure. I love the change.
    :) gwingal

  13. Well, if you are going to do a flower market, that is the way to do it. And three years, yes it was

  14. I love what you did to your mantle! The enamel signs and containers were the perfect choice to mingle with the beautiful flowers. Thank you for sharing with us at Party in Your PJ's!

  15. I adore the vintage looking enamel. Where did you get the welcome sign? It's precious. Thanks for linking up to Keep In Touch.


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