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Sunday, February 25, 2018

A Spring Makeover for the Master Bath

As I was trying to add spring touches to the existing decor in the master bath,   I realized that my heart just really wasn't in it.    Everything I tried just didn't look right.      The master bath has had a lavender color scheme for a couple of years and you all know that I'm a pink lovin' girl at!     So,   I decided to make a few changes and give it a fresh new look for spring.

I cleared everything out of the master bath......gave it a good cleaning and started fresh!

The master bedroom is done in a Flower Market theme and I decided to do the same in the bath.     I found this pretty flower market print here.......

If you missed the post on my flower market bedroom mantel,   here's the link to it.......

Now let's take a look at the progress I've made in the master bath.     I have a hanging metal basket filled with a sweet bunny........

Under the hanging basket is a vintage industrial  bread pan filled with flowers,  ferns,  succulents,  moss,  and a sweet yellow chick.

I'm like Monet........I must have flowers,  always,  always......

I saw this white enamel flower basket at Pier One and it was love at first sight!


Stay tuned for more progress on my spring makeover in the master bath!


  1. The bread pan with flowers is my favorite piece! So pretty!

  2. I really love the enamel wear basket you found at pier one. So perfect for the bathroom. It looks beautiful in yours.

  3. You always surprise me with the little tuck ins that just peek from a display- the bunny... the sweet little chick. Love.

  4. Love it, truly. I never thought of putting a scale in the bathroom like that. It looks perfect Penny.

  5. Penny, I am addicted to your site. I love reading it and look forward to each post. I also check out your's my question: There is some sort of grill work in the window. I love that. Would you please share what it is and where you got it? I would like to do something like that. Thank you. Tifeni

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I bought that grill work in the spring section at Hobby Lobby several years ago. It was a trellis and H cut the part off that you would stick in the ground to hold it up. Then he just screwed it to the window. hugs...

  6. So adorable. I never have the spirit to change my bathroom look, as it is so small to begin with. You bring smiles to those who see this room.

  7. Everything looks great, as it always does. Love the flowers and succulents in the vintage bread pans. I have some of those but mine are much more worn and rustic looking.....haha. I still think I'll have to try putting flowers in them like you did. Great idea.

  8. Penny,
    I Love both of those enamel baskets!! They are enamel right? Okay, I just looked at the hanging one and I guess it is not enamel but it is stunning!!! Love the flower market theme in the bathroom here!!

  9. You find the best things to use in your home, love the enameled basket, reminds me of my grandmother. Thank you for stopping by #omhgww to share your vintage treasures!!
    Have a great week!

  10. You always amaze me...the enamel baskets are so pretty

  11. I love al the black and white containers. They make the flowers really pop. Your master bath looks great! Thank you for sharing on Merry Monday! Hope to see ya next week!

  12. I just love your bread pan planter, Penny! That's wonderful! Everything looks absolutely beautiful, and I love your bedroom mantle too. Thank you so much for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Have a wonderful weekend!


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