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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Chicken Wire Tiered Stand

Tiered stands are one of my go to's when I am creating a vignette.     I have a white enamel tiered stand and a glass tiered can't have too many.     Today,    I am using a white chicken wire tiered stand to add some farmhouse charm to a vignette I am creating on the kitchen counter.

The top tier is rather small so I only have a boiled egg holder ,  a rabbit place card holder,   and a small floral bouquet.

The second tier is somewhat bigger,    so I have a black pick up truck with some silver measuring spoons in the bed.

I have the other two silver measuring spoons in a small white enamel pitcher.

I also have a small watering can and the mate to the top tier rabbit on the second tier.

The third tier is filled with more farmhouse style smalls

This tier has a pink tractor,    two rose bouquets,   and a fern.

On the back side of the third tier,    I have a set of pink and white polka dot measuring cups.

I continued my chicken wire theme vignette by adding a chicken wire cloche.    

The cloche is sitting on a stack of pretty plates and has a sweet rooster sitting inside it.

Next to the cloche,    I have a place card holder with a Bless our Home print on a wire holder.

Yes,   I added more chicken wire stuff to my!     I have nickle and copper silverware in a chicken wire holder.

On the other side of the chicken wire tiered stand,   I have a hand painted metal ceiling tile.

H and I work in the yard a lot and like to wash our hands in the kitchen sink rather than go to the back of the house to one of the bathrooms.     I have hand soap and pretty towels handy for us to use when we come in from the garden with dirty hands.

When I was editing my photo's,   I thought the towel holder was too low so I put in on a little pedestal.


I kept my chicken wire theme going on the kitchen counter that's on the other side of the sink.......but I'll share that counter in  another post!


  1. Penny,
    Love how you decorated the tiered tray!! And the chicken wire cloche with the hen inside of it is precious!! Your Kitchen looks lovely!! I have been in a bit of a decorating slump lately. Don't know if it is our never ending Winter here or the fact that I have been a bit under the weather and feeling like I can't keep up with changing everything for the Holidays...... My knee has been really bothering me so getting around is an issue. I had it injected yesterday and I am still waiting for it to feel better......

  2. Everything is so pretty. Where did you get the wire 3 tier stand? I would love to get one. Nelda Rust

  3. yes I have a little aluminum 3 tier stand and I love--I can put stuff IN it or serve cookies in it. Perfect for so many things!

  4. Penny, it's all gorgeous! What a great idea to group stuff in a theme in tiers. Love it!

  5. Super cute. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home.


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