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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Spring Banner

I designed a "one of a kind" spring banner by marrying unique lettering with a pretty pennant banner     It was such an easy project,     I just printed the letters and pennants from my  Pinterest board.    Then I glued the letters to the pennants and tied it all together with some fabric scraps that I had on hand.......easy peasy!

I took down the Easter decor  that I had in the entry and hung my new banner. 

Then,    I filled in all around my banner with springy!

I want to show you some close ups of the unique lettering that I used.      The S has a squirrel,  spider, flowers on it.

The P has a gorgeous peacock

I love to watch all the animals come out to play when Spring arrives!

Bunnies and roses are on the R

The I has butterflies,  iris,   a grasshopper,  and a lizard!

The N has a bird a spring daffodils......

And the G has hot air balloons and a giraffe

I filled the shelves with sheep.    I used a large wicker purse filled with tulips and roses as the centerpiece for my vignette.

Hidden behind the greenery on the bottom shelf is a mama and if you look closely you can see here baby nursing.

Daddy is hidden behind greenery on the other side.

I hope you liked my one of a kind banner.     

  Here is a link to my Pinterest board  where you will find the letters and banner that I used......

Thanks for stopping by,     come back soon!


  1. I love the sheepies! I am so thankful that we have all the animals on our Earth. What would it be like without them? Lonely, I think, don't you? I just read that a particular kind of African rhinoceros has become extinct. How sad. I wish everyone would appreciate all the creatures we are blessed with on this planet.

    Another part of your vignette I love is the wicker purse filled with tulips. Inspired! I used to have a wicker purse--wonder where it is...

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I love Your banner, so pretty!

  3. Penny.
    I am especially enamored by those lovely letters on your banner!! Such a pretty vintage pattern to them!!!

  4. Oh Penny, your beautiful and creative Spring banner and the vignette you designed to display it...the prettiest of pretty Spring decor!

  5. The banner is so pretty. Banners are so fun and yours really shows it. I love the letters.

  6. So pretty and so lovely spring colors.
    I lie it so much.
    Warm regards

  7. Wow, what amazing posts! I love all the spring displays that you have created, and the pink wicker basket filled with tulips alongside the lovely birds, cute sheep, green foliage and pretty banner looks stunning 😁. It's nice to join you again from the Simply Neutral Tuesday party - have a great day! J 😊

  8. Fabulous display as always. I look forward to your posts.

  9. visiting from Simply Neutrals. LOVE your pretty banner and your beautiful spring display- so bright and cheery!

  10. Hello penny, I love your gorgeous pink basket of tulips and your banner looks great with them. Such a wonderful Spring display.
    Jesse, visiting from Simply Neutrals Tuesday

  11. Happy Pink Saturday, Penny. Thank you for joining us, and for always making Pink Saturdays special.

    I love your Spring banner, and everything looks so fresh and pretty. This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday post this week as "the one that caught my eye".♥

  12. Very pretty, it looks so cheerful! Thank you for sharing at Simply Neutrals.

  13. Your banner and sheep are darling! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  14. Your spring decorations are beautiful and I love the banner, Penny! I'm featuring this post at the Hearth and Soul Link Party this week. Thank you so much for sharing it!

  15. Your banner is adorable, but I love the pink purse...such a cute idea. Fun spring stuff, from the land of ice and

  16. What a cute banner. You have the cutest banners in your home. Thanks for linking to Keep In Touch.


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