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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Welcoming In April

I can't believe it is already APRIL!     

I know I'm a little bit late welcoming it in.........

But,     sometimes life takes over doesn't it!   

I didn't realize until I started getting my post ready to publish that it's been almost a week since I've posted.    It's been a busy busy week so far,   and next week doesn't look any better.     H and I have company coming that will be here in a week....I am so excited!

So,  let's get this April welcome started!

I took down the Easter pictures today that were in the hallway and printed off some springy pictures to replace them.

When I went thru my Pinterest boards looking for pictures to print.......

I was drawn to the bicycle's for some reason

Especially the bicycles surrounded by spring flowers.......

I am in love with watercolor prints

My Iris's are beginning to bloom in the yard,   so this print caught my eye

Pansies are one of my favorite spring flowers.......

As well as Daffodils........

I put away the Easter decor I had at the end of the hallway too and can't wait to share the Bicycle flower cart I created!    


  1. Dd you paint all the pictures? They are incredible..

  2. Love that window, Penny, and how you keep it changed up for the seasons!

  3. I love how you can change this up with different things. Good job Penny!

  4. OMG ... I love the way you used the old windows and door with the crocheted cloth to display Spring artwork
    ... BRILLIANT idea !!! ... and such a refreshing look at April. ..LOVELY POST

  5. A wonderful idea and such a lovely look!!!

  6. Oh, I love the bicycle prints! I have a bicycle theme going at my house too.

  7. Beautiful! Visiting from the Imparting Grace link-up.

  8. So pretty! So very Spring! I love the light, but bright shades of pastel in all of your paintings. Displaying them in fabulous old window...delightful!

  9. Penny,
    Love the beautiful prints!!! Especially the bikes!! I remember that you are celebrating Easter this weekend!! I hope you have a wonderful time with family!!

  10. oh wow! I love your whole style! Just something about the pastel colours with flowers! Gorgeous!

  11. Penny, you have such a knack for finding lovely printables! Such a lovely way to usher in the new month! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! Pinned!

  12. I love how you have been changing your beautiful window panes with the seasons Penny... simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather. I've pinned xx


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