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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Herb Garden

I had my herb garden in a sunny window in the kitchen but it wasn't thriving like I had hoped.       

I thought my herb garden might do better outside,   so I moved it to a little area on the east side of the porch.

This area has had chives planted there for years,    in fact they are kind of getting out of control!

I had several pots of mint in my kitchen window that needed to be planted outside.      Mint is really bad about spreading,   so I decided to plant it in a container to control it.      This rusty vintage grocery cart was already in the area,    so H lined it with plastic and filled it with my mint plants.

After my grocery cart was planted in mint,     I prettied it up a little with some herb rocks,   a cute set of miniature metal chairs, and soften it with some fabric.

I hung a big pot of yellow petunia's on the side of my grocery cart.

I have a couple of sage plants,   some basil,  and a little thyme.

And of course,    a lot of!

The wrought iron rail that you see in front of  the french doors  was a left over from the old deck that H tore down.      There's an identical piece in front of the french doors on the other side of the porch.     The rest of the wrought iron that was around the deck is scattered around the yard since we decided to put a wood fence around the new deck.

I don't have many flowers in the herb garden,   but I do have a couple of petunia baskets.

The herb garden is a perfect little spot so sit down and have a glass of sweet tea when I take a break from working in my flower beds.

This old gas heater is just the right size to set a glass of sweet tea on

The rose garden sets on the west side of the porch.......

If you look at the far end of the yard,    you can see a little yellow house.      It's furnished with all my fall decor.

You can see the new deck just to the right of my herb garden.

I'm happy to say that the deck is finished........

H's project now is to construct a "wall"  for the faux fireplace that will sit on the deck.

The fireplace is secured to the deck and H will paint it tomorrow.   You can see the fence panels that will go around the deck leaning up against the won't be long til I get my turn!     Decorating the Deck!


  1. Now, how much fun is that?????

    Don't you just ADORE fresh herbs? I about picked my basil and thyme to death cooking last week - this week the herb garden was left alone to grow a bit more. : - )

    Your whimsy is so much fun to see.

  2. Having bought some heads of garlic at the grocery store I found that they were sprouting. I planted them in a huge empty pot I had in the back yard for transplanting some other herbs and now I have an abundance of garlic chives With all of the rain we are having everything is growing, growing, growing!

  3. So cute. Your garden always amazes me. Like a fairy tale land.

  4. In every post you amaze me.. how you maintain such a beautiful garden?

  5. Such a beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  6. So pretty!!! What a dreamy outside space!!! Faith, Hope, Love & Luck - Colleen

  7. Penny, I would love to go shopping with you sometime! You have so many fun things that add character to every space including the gardens. It's all amazing!

  8. Your gardens are simply charming - I adore all your touches!! I would be so happy strolling around each garden every morning and evening!!

  9. I love herbs. Chives and basil are big at my house. Your grocery cart garden is adorable.

  10. Your gardens are adorable! I like the idea of using the grocery cart! Everything is done uip so nice. Thanks for sharing. Nany

  11. What a fun place for an herb garden! I have an old rusty cart and it sets empty right now. I was planning on buying a large geranium to go in it. My herb garden is planted in partial shade and does very well. Love having herbs to cook with! Thanks for sharing with the Garden party.

  12. Penny,
    I love the herb garden and the rusty cart as a planter!! So sweet!! I am going to be playing catch up with your posts today. I worked the weekend and I am working 3 days this week as this is my "bad" week!! Next week, I am off 3 days in a row......

  13. This beautiful post is a GARDEN feature on the June You're the STAR blog hop:


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