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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

How I Made an Aviary in My Armoire

I've always wanted an aviary,   so why have I waited so long to get one?    Well,   the main reason is......I'm afraid of birds.   The other reason is........I don't like to clean up after birds.....they are pretty dirty!   

I decided I could make a faux aviary in the armoire  that sits in a corner in the sun room.    The base for my aviary is a large birdcage then I stacked a smaller one on top of it 

You can see here how the smaller birdcage is sitting on the flat top of the larger one.     I tied the two birdcages together with a long strip of fabric at each corner and finished up by tying a bow with what was left of the fabric strip.

I also tied some "architectural"  elements to the birdcage.   

This is a wall shelf that I turned upside down to make a ledge for my concrete bird to sit on.    You may have noticed in the first picture of my post that I tied an arch to the birdcage door to add an architectural element.    I also tied a couple of empty picture frames to the bottom birdcage.

I made a nest under the lamp in the armoire/aviary for more concrete birds.

I tucked a couple of wire birdcages under the armoire/aviary.

I put a birdcage on each side of the aviary.

I have a chandy and rose bush inside my birdcage on this side.     

The birdcage on the other side is a marriage of several things.

I have a tall wire birdcage turned upside down on a plaster pedestal.    Then,    I put a smaller birdcage on top of all!

I shared the other side of the room in an earlier post.     I have tweaked that side of the room a little bit since you last saw it.

I changed out the centerpiece on the coffee table.


The yellow petunia basket needed some sunlight,   so........

I hung the petunia basket outside.

In fact,   I hung one on each side of the french doors.   
My new Honey for Sale sign above the door was a birthday gift from the sweetest cousin anyone could have......thank you again Kelly!      I also got a gift from my other cousin.....who's just as sweet as Kelly......that I will share with you in another post later......thank you again Kim!

One other change I made since you last saw this side of the sun room was to add a birdcage and a metal container of yellow flowers to the side of the chaise lounge.

If you missed the post sharing the other side of the sun's a link to it.......

I can't tell you how much it means to me for you to stop by for a visit.....come back soon!


  1. I love how you decorate with a theme. So inspiring!

  2. Just beautiful as always I Too love how you decorate with a theme
    Most of all you love all the things you incorporate to you settling and so do I just love the colors the fabric and all the roses :)

  3. I would love an aviary. One of my friends raised birds and she had a huge room full of cages and birds and babies. One of the birds loved me- McTavish. He would come to me as soon as I came near him-jump up on my shoulder and slip under my hair so he was hidden and he would give me little bird kisses. I have a friend, like you, that is terrified of birds. She won't go outside if there are any around.

    Very sweet piece you put together in the corner. xo Diana

  4. Such beautiful detail you've put into this! Thanks for sharing at The Blogger's Pit Stop! Roseann from This Autoimmune Life

  5. Your decorating style is so distinctive Penny. Always light, airy and so very feminine. Love the aviary theme you've done in your sun room. I'm a little afraid of birds too. I love watching them but I'm always so scared I hurt them if I pick them up and some of their beaks are really sharp too.

  6. Penny,
    LOVE this!! What a great idea!!! Okay, did I miss it or does it just look different then it did before but the piece of furniture that the aviary is set up on, was it always there or am I just blind???? That is a beautiful piece!!

  7. Penny,
    This is so pretty and unique. Always love your shabby chic style. Very pretty.

  8. You are always very inspiring. Everything is such beautiful

  9. Its amazing little changes can make to freshen up a room. I love how bright and cheerful your room is!!! Wishing you a lovely Sunday!!


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