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Monday, May 21, 2018

New Deck Reveal

Our old deck was beyond the point of repair and needed to be completely replaced.       After several days of demolition,   H started construction of the new deck which took about a week.     Now,    I am excited to share our new deck with you

We decided that we really didn't need a deck as big as the old one.    The new deck sits about a foot in front of the tree   where as the old deck sat about 6 feet behind the tree.

The old deck had a white wrought iron fence around it. 

  The wooden picket fence gives the new deck a casual Farmhouse feel.

We recycled the old faux fireplace by giving it a fresh coat of paint and a new mirror.

I replaced the ornate fireplace screen with a vintage fireplace heater.     I felt this change added to the Farmhouse look that I was going for on the new deck.

I had more furniture than we needed on the front porch,    so I furnished the new deck with two love seats that we seldom used on the porch.

I plan to recover the cushions that were on the wicker love seats with the fabric that you see draped on the back of them

I played with the decor on the mantel all!      

So you will see that half the photo's of the mantel have a pink pick up,     a white enamel vase full of roses........

And a white enamel plate! 

  The other half of the photo's have a simple wreath on the mantel.

I have a pink chandelier on each side of the fireplace that I plan to give a makeover later.

Here's the fireplace with the simple wreath on the mantel..........which do you like the best?

Another addition to the new deck is a wood frame for me to hang curtains on

The curtains can be drawn across to give the deck case we want to have a romantic dinner!

I made a Farmhouse banner using pink buffalo check pennants to hang across the fireplace mantel.......

The center pennant has a fun cow glued on it.

The wood frame you saw my curtains hanging on goes completely around the deck,     so I can hang just about anything on it

I will have fun tweaking the new deck all summer........hope you don't get tired of seeing it!

I need to decorate this side of the deck now.     The chair could use a pillow or two and maybe a light throw for cool nights.......some stuff on the little white table next to the chair.......

Thank you so much for stopping by to see my new deck reveal.......come back soon!


  1. This is Beautitful.No I wouldn't get tired of seeing your new and improved deck as you decorate it in various ways I just love your home and beautiful decoration all the colours and patterns are wonderful

  2. Wow. That is an awesome retreat. Love it.

  3. jUST GORGEOUS! Looks like you are having a wonderful time decorating. ENJOY!!!!

  4. I am so envious!!! Such a lovely indoor space outdoors!! Bet it is popular with everyone who visits.

  5. Penny I am in love with your new deck/outdoor living space! It looks divine.

  6. Your new deck is so nice and I adore picket fences! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  7. How cute is that new deck???? You are most creative, Penny! My deck is rather boring in comparison, although I do love it so much!

  8. A lovely new deck all decorated to match your personality. Looks like a great retreat for you to relax. Thanks so much for sharing your post at our Garden link party.

  9. Penny, you have given that deck so much character, you would never guess that it was new. I love the trio of the enamel plate, vase and pick up. :) Thanks for sharing with the Garden Party.

  10. WOW Penny, how stunning. It looks beautiful. I bet you'll be out there every single day adding something lovely to the mix.

  11. Come by and see this featured at Keep In Touch. It is amazing. H did a wonderful job with construction and you decorated it in such a cute way.

  12. The cow garland and mirror are practically screaming my name!!! Faith, Hope, Love, & Luck - Colleen

  13. Penny I love the mantel,the banner and the wreath is wonderful!!
    Thanks for sharing on #Omhgww last week!
    See you again soon!

  14. Penny,
    Love the new deck and what a great idea to have a frame around the top to hang things from!! The fire place is lovely no matter how you do it up!! The deck is lovely and I will never tire of seeing it!! I look forward to seeing how you will decorate it through the years..... Yo are lucky though that you do not get too much rain. We have had a very rainy month, breaking records!! I have picked up 7 1/2 inches of rain since I put out the rain gauge in the middle of the month!!

  15. Wow, Penny, how fun for you to have a new space to decorate! I'm sure constructing the new deck was a huge job, but the finished product looks great. And of course you've made it look spectacular. You're so great with all the little details!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I'm featuring you this week!

  16. The deck and railing are nice! Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.


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