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Monday, June 25, 2018

Summer Kitchen


I did some deep spring cleaning in the kitchen back in the middle of April,    so after a little more than 2 months it's time to do my summer cleaning in the kitchen.   
  I wipe down the front part of the counters many times every day......but I don't move out the decor that's up against the back splash unless I see something has splattered up against it.

I bought a wall mount French drying rack a couple of weeks ago in the 75% off isle at Hobby Lobby.      I finally got it hung today.    I would normally hang coffee cups on a drying rack.      I decided to repurpose my wall mount drying rack and use it to hang my measuring cups and spoons on.

Before.....a $9 drying rack..........................................................After,   a unique way to display my silver measuring cups and spoons.

After I moved out all my pretties from the back splash and cleaned the counter,       I tried to freshen the kitchen  up a little bit by moving things around and adding a few new pieces.

Before ........................................................After

I put a new piece in front of the chicken feeder.       These sweet lamb book ends were a birthday gift to me back in April from my sweet cousin Kim......thank you again sweetie!

I took the vintage sewing machine drawers that were here to the garage and packed them away for a while.........I love them so you'll be seeing them again!     

In their place,     I put a metal cake stand that has wood beads around the edge.

I have a smaller cake stand to the side of the larger one.       I didn't decorate very much on the larger one,    and none on the smaller.      I use them often and don't like having to take a lot of stuff off the top.

Next to the cake stands,     I have a large metal sign with the word Thankful carved out in the bottom of it.

I can use magnets to hang pretty prints or sayings to it that suit the mood I'm in at the!       I can just print them off on the printer that sits under the end table that's right next to my recliner

I tucked a floral plate behind the existing chicken feeder .........

The plates along with the book end lamb freshened up the chicken feeder that's been there quite a while.

I also printed off a new piece  for the mail box above the stove.

The print  I had there before was a note to H on Valentines Day.........You'd think I would have changed it out back in the spring!

 Love the old barn peeking out of a field of flowers!

It always makes me feel good when the kitchen is spic and span.     There is a lot of food cooked in this kitchen since H and like eating at home.      Today,   while I was cleaning and photographing,    H made coleslaw and butterfly shrimp with pina colada sauce to dip it in......yummy!    We use the big island in the center of the kitchen for food prep,   so H worked there while I worked on the counter! 


  1. Don't you love it when you KNOW your kitchen is clean-really clean? I hate doing the backsplash--lol---countertops are a piece of cake but you have to move everything to do the backsplash. I really love that lamb bookend. How cute...and those plates at the end are just beautiful! xo Diana

  2. Bonjour,
    Que des petites merveilles !
    Très jolie publication.

    Gros bisous

  3. Very lovely drying rack! Glad to see someone likes Hobby Lobby as much as me! have a wonderful Tuesday! Leticia

  4. Hi Penny! What a clever idea to hang your rack in front of your cabinet shelves - it's really cute. Jane

  5. You always brighten my mornings!!! Love the way you used the rack! Hugs ♥

  6. You are so inventive! I really like the rack

  7. Your summer kitchen is gorgeous, Penny! I love the succulents and the rack with the beautiful measuring cups and spoons. Thank you so much for sharing, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul lInk Party. I hope your week is going well.

  8. Great use of the drying rack. You kitchen is fun ... love the little cows!

  9. You have such a unique and lovely home. Lots for the eye to see and be stimulated!

  10. Your meal sounds delicious. The barn print is a darling. It was great to see you at Keep In Touch.


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