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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Ever Evolving Hallway


Things are in a continual state of change around our!     Sometimes it's just a little tweak.....sometimes it's a mini makeover.....and sometimes it's a complete redo!     This time it's just a little tweak

The hallway has had a series of little tweaks over the years.   
  In the first photo,   you can  see where I had a large music piece on each end of the windows.    I had those there for quite a while,   then you can see I took them down in the second photo and left the wall blank on each side.   At the same time,  I changed the end of the hallway from a vintage coat hanger tree to a faux barn door backdrop.

I've always kinda missed the musical notes but felt they didn't really work with the new farmhouse look I have going on in the hallway.    I fell in love with a pair of soft grey wall plaques at a yard sale over the week end and thought they might be just the thing that would work on each side of the windows.    

I love mixing different styles of decor.   
The pairing of weathered wood windows and ornate wall sconces really appeals to me.     

It was $10 for the pair,   so my project was very budget friendly too!

I can already see a faux pumpkin on the shelf  when fall arrives.....or maybe a small cotton boll tree!

I also made some changes to the end of the hallway.

I put a pink and cream runner on the table under the mirrors and created a faux floral design.

I had a fresh floral design  on the table before and of course those only last so long.

I made my floral design using pink and cream roses and filled in around them with eucalyptus. 

I scattered some antlers and roses around my design  and on the table.

If you look in the middle mirror,   you can get a glimpse of the new piece I hung on the small wall by the master bath.

It's a recent yard sale purchase. 
  If you missed that's a link to it.......

Til next time.......


  1. You make everything pretty, Penny. The window frame is the perfect starting point in your hallway. The new sconces are timeless and you can do so much with them. Your hallway must be wide....ours is too narrow to really decorate except for a few things on thew all.

    Your new sconces remind me, my SIL just bought some land with an old house that is going to be torn down. The house has one of those phone niches in the wall (like my Granny's house had). She's going to get that out of the wall for me if possible. Wouldn't it be fun to put that in the wall somewhere?

  2. Everything you do is always lovely!

  3. Penny, you should seriously have your own Romantic Magazine cover with all of your adorable decorated spaces. Love it!

  4. Always fun to have things evolve. That is what keeps our homes interesting. I think we notice our treasures more if we switch things up. Your window wall is clever. Great job!

  5. Those shelves are sweet. I can see where you will have so much fun styling them. Yes decorating is ever changing, but that is the fun of it.

  6. This all looks amazing! Like a vacation destination. Everything works together so beautifully. I would feel so warm and cozy there! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday Favorite Things!

  7. It did not take you long to find a home for your new treasures!! The sconces are great!!
    Thank you for sharing on Friday Features Link-Up Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I like the flowers and antlers mixed together and that window frame is perfect for a hallway!

  9. Penny,
    I think you found the perfect place for those lovely sconces!! The hall way exudes such charm!! Really stunning!!!

  10. Lovely hallway! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  11. Those antique windows and wall sconces pair beautifully together! Thanks for sharing that the Make Life Pretty Monday link party! Hope to see you next week!

    Kate | The Organized Dream

  12. Simply gorgeous! Your home is so amazing! Thank you for sharing with Home and Garden Thursday!


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