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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Christmas Plaids, Pickups, & Poinsettia's

As I strolled thru some of my favorite Christmas shops this past week end,   one thing became very's a plaid and red pick up Christmas!

There was no shortage of plaid Christmas decor and red pick ups were everywhere.

I  stopped by Ivy Gardens Greenhouse to pick up some poinsettia's........they had poinsettia's as far as the eye could!

Even Santa traded in his red suit for a trending plaid one

Upside down Christmas tree with a pile of plaid pillows under it......

Metal pick ups........

Platters with red pick ups on them......

Brownie mix in a flour sack with......of  course....a  red pick up on it

Pick up pictures......

Well,   I could go on and on......

I bet you're wondering which poinsettia's came home with me......

Red,     pink,     maybe a white one?

Now for a plaid

Wow,   there was plaid everywhere 

Are you ready to see which poinsettia's came home with me? one's of course!

This is no ordinary pink poinsettia is variegated.       Some of the petals are pale pink,    some are almost red,   some of them are pink and white,    pink and pale green,   all the petals are different

I love fresh flowers at Christmas,   don't you!

And if you are wondering  " did she go to the Black Friday sales"    NO!    I avoided congested area's and wandered thru quaint little out of the way shops ,   had a nice lunch with H and enjoyed the day!


  1. Such beautiful colors. The red really pops this time of year doesn't it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Penny, That was a great photo trip. The red plaid always reminds me of a lumber jack, Paul Bunyan. I love red and it is my second favorite color. I would use many of these ideas if I had a house big enough. Wouldn't it be fun just to buy an old Victorian house and decorate it for every holiday and have open house year around and serve tea? The Molly Brown house in Denver, Colorado is kinda like that. I am sure there are many more through out our great United States of America that could be repurposed in the same fashion. I know some are the Bed and Breakfast places. I love how red and black plaid gives me the feel of comfortable and casual. Oh, how I love this flea market you went to. Always fun to see what you have found.
    PS I just got an email from Country Living about finding treasures and they have put together a magazine or online magazine to share some of the places the editors have found.
    It's fun to see themes in these flea markets you have shown us.
    I do love your pink poinsettia. You know they will keep from year to year. I put my outside in a shady place in the Summer time.
    Thank you again.

  3. Have fun shopping and decorating !!

  4. This shop is really a fairyland!!!

  5. Love the tour, Love all of the plaid,and the cute signs! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Penny, I agree with you about the red and plaids this year. I have my eye out for some pretty pink poinsettias too! Thanks for sharing the fun tour at Vintage Charm!

  7. What a gorgeous tour, thank you for sharing it with us. About 20 years ago I suggested hanging our tree upside down, so it left room for all the presents in the small duplex my sons and I lived in. My boys lost it on me. lol See I was a trend setter. Boys what do they know lol

  8. Such beautiful decor in the shops you visited! Love your pink poinsettias! Thanks for sharing with us at the Snickerdoodle link party!


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