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Friday, January 18, 2019

My Best 25 Valentine Decorating Ideas

As I begin to decorate for a season or holiday,     I look back on what I've done in the past.      It  not only gives me inspiration to look at what I've done before,    it reminds me of the decor I have stored in the studio. 

The photo above was taken in my kitchen last Valentines Day.

I left the Christmas tree's up last year and decorated them for Valentines Day.

This is the formal living /  dining room decorated for Valentines day several years ago.      The brown display cabinet on the right is now white and I've taken down the tree I kept in the dining room to decorate for the seasons and holidays.

I redo my wreaths all the time,   but this is one that has never had a make over.      I love it just the way it is!     I made this heart shaped wreath back in the 90's and it's still a favorite.

This is one of the many Valentine mantels that I've created in the family room.     

  A piece of old windmill is the centerpiece,     then I've decorated around it with romantic Valentine touches.

One of my favorite Valentine mantels.........notice that my heart shaped wreath is the centerpiece!

This wreath has been the centerpiece for many of my vignettes.      Here she is this year on the chesser in my bedroom.

You saw this wreath on the display cabinet earlier,    now here it is another year hanging in the hallway.

I usually decorate the hallway for Valentines day a different way each year.

I took down the vintage clothes hanger tree last year........I really miss it!

I don't think I'm going to decorate the hallway for Valentines Day this year,     so I'll just enjoy my photo's from years past.

I've already started decorating the chicken wire heart wreath ,    so you'll see it in an upcoming post.

a Valentine vignette from years past......

My mouse Valentine couple made an appearance this year in the utility room.     They were on the piano last year.

This photo is from many years ago,    but I wanted to show you guys the dried heart wreath that I made a long time ago.     I still have it and it may just make an appearance this year!

You can tell from some of the photo's that I took them a long time ago.......hopefully my photography skills have improved.

I loved this little pink tree that I created a few years back.

I made the Valentine crown on the little cherubs head.......

My Valentine entry one year.......

I haven't used these sweet little guys is several years........

I need to get them out and use them again,    don't you think?

Are you using the popular red truck in your Valentine decor this year?

I created this tablescape for Valentines Day last year........

A Valentine tablescape  from several years ago.       

H and I had lunch at the snack bar a few years back.......

I used a Valentine table runner that I made as a tablecloth for the snack bar.

Another Valentine vignette..........

An this is the last  vignette.......I promise!      LOL!

I couldn't end my post without sharing a pic of the Valentine chenille bedspread that I used one year.......

There's been a few changes in my decorating style over the years........

I hope my 25.....maybe a few more,  lol........decorating ideas have given you some inspiration that you can use when you get ready to decorate your home for Valentines Day this year!

Thank for stopping by to visit today.......come back soon!


  1. Penny,
    This was such a wonderful post showcasing all your past Valentine's Day decor! LOVE the Trees in the Kitchen and the one in the Dining Room! Love the mantles too and the heart bedspread is to doe for!! Thanks for the inspiration because I surely need some as I seem to be moving ever so slowly this year,,,

  2. That Valentine tree from last year was so pretty and I love the heart wreath. Though I think the chenille bedspread is incredible. Always inspired by your decor Penny, thank you.

  3. Your home looks as a fairyland...absolutely stunning!!!

  4. Oh Penny, I'm just absolutely fascinated with your gorgeous, frilly, romantic and stunning Valentine decor! What a treat to see your past photographs, truly magical! Your home must feel like a fairy tale land! Love it!


  5. A lot of lovely Valentine deco! I love your pillows, the vintage clothes hangar tree and the wreaths!

  6. Loved all of your ideas. Thank you for sharing with #OMHGWW

  7. I just loved looking at all your decor; it is gorgeous. I had to smile when I saw the chenille bedspread; I remember napping on Mom's bed as a kid and waking up with ridges all over 1 side of my face!

  8. So many great ideas! I just decorate the mantle and that's about it. LOL.

  9. I remember some of these, Penny! No, I haven't succumbed to using the red truck but I HAVE photographed an actual truck of some landscapers in Arizona one day with a bed full of freshly cut bougainvillea and it was FABULOUS!!! I need to find that photo... Lol! Love all of your Valentine's decorations and vignettes and pinned a bunch.

    Happy decorating,
    Barb :)

  10. Everything looks so beautiful, Penny! I love your cute little mouse couple and the way you have used the trees is so creative! Thank you for sharing these wonderful Valentine's Day decorating ideas, and for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  11. So many pretty Valentine ideas! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  12. OMG ..Such lovely decorating ideas... I love the chenille bedspread and scattering of Valentine Vignettes..of course the tree is such a delight to the eye... I shall just have to reread and review each picture over and over( ha ha) ..There is so much eyecandy .... Fabulous post...Thank You for sharing


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