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Monday, April 29, 2019

BB & B.....Breakfast & Beverage Bar

I have needed to organize my "breakfast stuff" for ages and I finally got around to it last week

I was able to get most of it "corraled" on this wall in the kitchen 

The Hossier houses part of it and the rest is on the pass thru counter.

I have coffee grounds,  sugar,  creamer,  and filters here

Extra coffee mugs are on this side of the Hoosier.     The metal pig serving tray will come in handy if I have guests for breakfast    I can pile it high with muffins,   biscuits,   waffles,   or pancakes,  etc..

These eggs are just for decoration,    but they can easily be replaced with real hard boiled eggs

How do you like my chicken shaped like an egg and painted like a!

The next area of the breakfast bar is for toast and H's favorite.....English muffins     

I have the bread box and toaster here and a little white pig butter dish.     

I have a small Rae Dunn platter to hold our toast or muffin.       There are extra toast plates for guests scattered around the Hoosier.

I love waking up to a view of the back yard!

In the corner next to the Hoosier,   I have photo mobile hanging on a vintage bird cage stand

Clipped to the mobile are cute floral farm animals and coffee quotes     Andrea has the animal prints FREE here....... 

The bottom part of the Hoosier holds all kinds of breakfast goodies......

From top to bottom and left to chocolate mix,    maple and brown sugar oat meal,   dry cereal is in behind where you can't see it,    and big bowls to put your cereal in.

    On the second shelf  the waffle iron is in the back  with the peanut butter and syrup for the waffles.....yes here in the south at my house that's what we have on them.     Then lemons,   lemon biscotti,   muffins and fresh fruit.   The bananas are sitting in little bowls that you can use to hold  your muffin or fruit

Under the Hossier is a dish dryer full of extra bowls ,   small plates ,  and tea cups    Next to that I have a painted drawer full of small toast plates and more tea cups.

Next to the Hossier is the pass thru from the kitchen to the family dining room.    We never pass anything across it so I can easily use it as the beverage bar.

The coffee pot has a place on the side where you can get hot water for tea or hot chocolate.

These are H and my everyday coffee cups.......

I have a serving tray like the pig one you saw in the Hossier,   only this one has a cow on it. 
 I ran out of room and had to put the juice glasses in with the water glasses in a near by cabinet.    It's close so I can easily set them on this counter with the juice.

The juice glasses are in the cabinet just above the mixer. 

   I can also use this counter to serve on if I'm having brunch for quite a few people.

So,      here's my new BB & B  ........Breakfast & Beverage Bar.

I always enjoy your visits so much,    please come back soon!


  1. Really Penny, that's almost as good as a B&B----when I can I book a few days/nights/breakfasts...cute as can be! Sandi

  2. This is adorable. I love all the Rae Dunn inspired printing. Tell H that I'm with him about English Muffins. That is my favorite breakfast besides New York Bagels. Ha. I'm not getting those in Texas. Have a wonderful week. I hope you will like link this up tomorrow.

  3. Penny, what a perfectly charming kitchen and BB&B! Doesn't everything taste even better when it's so beautifully presented?

  4. Penny, You really made my day! We had at least 6 inches of snow to end April. It is heavy and wet here in Northern Colorado.
    Thanks so much for showing your Hoosier. I love it so much as it takes me back to my childhood when we had one. My mother called it her baking center. I love how the flour went in the one side and was shifted before she used it in her baking. I love how the counter can be pulled out for extra counter space and then pushed back in out of the way. I would love to find one. I don't know why we don't see more of them in homes where people are into baking in a big way. I spied something under your counter that you have set the lemons in. Is it a stand on the back of a cow? It looks very cute.
    This is my favorite part of your kitchen, maybe a tie with the chandelier. I do love everything on this side of your kitchen and how you are using the Hoosier.
    Thanks again for sharing.

  5. Ok, I definitely want to come to your house for breakfast! Lol!

  6. I love how you are using such beautiful things. So many times we 'save' the pretty stuff for special occasions, and then end up never using it.

  7. Penny,
    Love that you created this sweet Beverage Bar in your hoosier which is just perfect for it!! The Iced Cold lemonade sign on the side of the hoosier!!! The buffalo checks really make a statement! Beautiful!! May I ask where you got the Let's Stay Home sign above the hoosier?? I adore it!!

  8. I love your breakfast bar! I have a small one, but not near as well equipped as yours!

  9. Such a fun breakfast bar! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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