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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Lemon Banner & Shabby Chic Pillow Cases

This summer,    I am creating a lemon & Patriotic theme for our front porch. 

The '"softer" side of red, white and blue fits in better with my decor,   so I'm using pink in place of red and a pale blue instead of the darker blue.

I also chose a softer shade of yellow to use in my lemon banner.

I hung my banner across a vintage Home Interior Patriotic's dated 2001 on the back and has the softer shades of color that I like so much.

I made my banner using pints that I found on Pinterest and I printed them off on my home printer.     I've found that my inexpensive printer from Walmart   (less than $75)   does  a great job! 

I actually made 2 banners and chose the smaller one to hang across my picture.......and I will use the larger one somewhere else on the porch.

I spotted some shabby chic pillow cases on Amazon the other day,   but the $70 cost for 2 pillow cases was a little pricey for my budget.    

I decided I could create a similar look with some pillow cases and a ruffled bed skirt that I bought at a yard sale.    I am happy with the look and I made 3 shabby chic pillow cases for less than $8.       

 I like doing hand work in the evening while I'm relaxing in my recliner,     so I just hand stitched the ruffled bed skirt onto my pillow case.

I have a twin size floral tailored bedspread on the wicker sofa that I found at a yard sale for $5.    I leave the bedspread  on all the time,   but I only put the vintage yellow quilt on when I'm having company and I bring it in at the end of the day.

I made the shabby chic pillow covers for the bed in the master bedroom,    so they will be coming inside after I'm finished with my photo shoot.     I have some pretty pillows I use on the sofa for "everyday"  and leave on all the time.     We don't get much rain here in Eastern New Mexico,   so I don't have a big problem with things getting ruined if I leave them out all the,   I buy all my outdoor linens at yard sales and can replace them easily.

I have a simple container of lemons on the small table in front of the sofa.     (byw,   another yard sale

On the right side of the sofa are the 2 rockers that H & I sit in most of the time.......

I bought a king size set of pink and white striped sheets at a yard sale for $5 and I used them to cover the pads on the 2 chaise lounges you'll see in a minute,    one of the pads on a rocker,   and I made a tablecloth for the farm table too!    

Next to the rockers is the front door......

Sofa.......................................................Front door entry 

I'm really pleased with how the Patriotic / lemon theme is coming along on the front porch.

Here's the tablecloth that I made with part of my king size sheet set.

On the left side of the sofa I have matching wicker chaise lounges.    When H & I are not in the rocking chairs,    you'll find us relaxing on our chaise lounges with a glass of sweet tea!

I am planning to have a dinner party on the porch in a couple of days,    and I can't wait to share the pretty lemon plates I will use!      Found them at Dollar Tree! 

Did you notice the vintage end tables I have on each side of the sofa?    Yep,  they came from a yard sale too!    The yellow lamp with a metal shade on the end table?......yard!

I always enjoy your visits so much,    please come back soon!


  1. I love your lemon banners AND your pillows. Very clever idea. The whole porch looks so inviting.

  2. I love your porch. I have sheets in the yellow/floral stripe pattern in your banner. Laura Ashley pattern from years ago. I love your decorating style and would love to do some copying but don't have space in my small apartment. I'll just continue to drool over your pictures.

  3. The porch is so cute Penny. Everything seems inviting and comfortable. I can't wait for the next idea. Have a great weekend.

  4. Penny,
    OMG!! Your porch is simply fantastic!! I could live out there....The use of lemons is so sweet and brightens everything up!! and I love that you have lamps on the porch!!!

  5. Everything is very refreshing. I love what you did to the pillows. Great idea!

    Liberty @


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