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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Farmhouse Table & 12 Chairs for $200

Our daughter just completed two bathroom remodels and she had a little bit left in her decorating budget.   I didn't know if a farmhouse table could be built for $200.....but. why not give it a try!   
 She found a farmhouse table that she liked on Pinterest and with H's help,   they worked up a plan to make one similar to it.    She  bought four 2x12x10's and ten 2x3x8's and one 4x4x10......the cost was about $130 for the lumber.

The table she found on Pinterest was only 8 foot long and 3 foot wide..... she needed one 10 foot long and 4 foot wide that would seat a family of 12.     ( 3 adult kids and Kyleigh.,  spouses,   1 grand and one more on the way,   me & H,   and her & Randy.)

Her new table will easily seat 12 and she can squeeze in one more on each end of the table if she needs 14.  

Melissa,  SIL,  and H decided it would be easier to construct the table inside.   All the cutting was done outside and then the table was put together in the dining room.

Now,   how can we come up with 12 chairs with the $70 left in the budget?    Yard sales of!

It took about a month to find all of them,   and according to Melissa get them all painted and cushions made!

I shopped in my stashes and came up with enough fabric to cover all of the chair seats.

When I bought her this chair at a yard sale,  it was covered in a "60,s"  green fabric.    Melissa tried her hand at fabric painting and I thought it turned out really well!

The Hoosier she has in her dining room has a long history......     It originally belonged to me and H.....I bought a new one and gave this one to Melissa,    she bought a piano and needed the space for it,  so she gave the bottom part to her daughter to store things in her garage and gave me back the top (which I put in storage)   She told everyone to give her back "her stuff"   so her it is right back! 

The little bistro table in the corner will eventually become the kids table as her family continues to grow.

As you can see from looking at her wall decor,   she loves her family

She has another grouping of family photo's on the entryway wall.....and more in the family room

There is a small room at the end of the dining room that she has a sofa and TV in.

This sofa used to be in the family room and she gave the matching loveseat to her daughter.    It's just a fun place to sit and visit or have a cup of coffee in the morning.    

The coffee bar is in a small area that sits between this room and the kitchen.

While Melissa had the white paint out redoing all those decided to slap a little of it on her piano. 

 Her family loves music.....several of them play the sax,   Austin plays the guitar as well as the sax,   Kyleigh plays the sax and is learning how to play the cello and  Melissa plays the piano.   


Well,   Melissa has her new farmtable and it came in right on budget!


  1. That's a pretty amazing set of chairs and a table too. Very rich looking, and fun for a huge family.

  2. What a well done project! Fantastic. It was a real family endeavor. Would you share how she made the cushions with us? Was there plywood attached to each chair or —. Thx

  3. This is SO impressive! Nicely done! I can't believe how inexpensive it was, but it looks so professional and gorgeous.

  4. It all looks great! The hard work paid off. ��

  5. Penny your daughter dinning room looks wonderful Mr. H. & the girls did a great job. See if you can talk her into letting us to take a tour of her house. She takes all that after you & I am so happy she loves doing the things she loves for her home like you also. My daughter is beginning to do the farmhouse look to her home also. Love how she has done here walls with the pictures & clock.

  6. Wow! Fantastic.. now, this is one for the record books! Looks wonderful...your husband really did a great job! Thanks for posting such inspiration!

  7. I just love all of it! I know she will enjoy the dining room table when she gets to use it.

  8. What a beautiful home! That table is absolutely gorgeous...and so perfect for that space. I can tell there will be many wonderful memories made around it! <3

  9. This is so nice! Mismatched, yet coordinated. It feels natural. She did a great job!

    Found you at the Friendship Friday Blog Hop.

    Would be happy to have you share sometimes at the Homestead Blog Hop if you'd like.


  10. I love the table and all the different chairs. I've been wanting a farmhouse style table, and this really makes me want one even more!

  11. Oh wow what a beautiful home. I like all those white chairs. Eye catching. She was brave to paint her piano. It looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Smart to build the table right where its going to sit. I love love love the look! Especially with the eclectic chairs!

  13. Penny, You have really hit my dream table with sharing Melissa's beautiful room and I LOVE that she did it, with your help I'm sure, SO frugally! Thank you so much for sharing at the TFT Party! I'm featuring your daughter's beautiful table tomorrow and I've pinned to the party and many of my personal boards! Thanks for sharing!
    Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance

  14. I love the farmhouse table and mix matched chairs. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

  15. Penny,
    The table and chairs are wonderful!! I LOVE the color of the walls!! Makes everything pop!! Such a pretty room!!

  16. That table is sweet and I love all of the different chairs. Just beautiful! I have never tried fabric paint, I will definitely be on the look out for a project where I can try it. Your daughter's home is so warm and inviting. TFS with #omgww.

  17. What a gorgeous labour of love your daughter's table and chairs are, Penny! I love the design, and especially how the chairs are all similar but different. It's such a pretty set! Thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party. I'm featuring your post at the party this week. Hope to see you there! Have a lovely week!

  18. What a happy post. I can see where Melissa got her decorating genes from! Those mismatched chairs are so awesome; truly what a farmhouse would have had. I remember dragging chairs from all over my grandparents' house (which was a city apartment) to find enough for holiday meals!


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