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Monday, July 29, 2019

Vinca Pouch & Yard Sale Pillows

I enjoyed doing two of my favorite things over the week end......going to yard sales and visiting the garden center.

I bought 2 Vinca pouches at Home Base to hang on the back porch.......and found some bed linens at a yard sale.     

Here is how the pouch looks from the back.....

I've decorated with these pouches before and I really like using them.

Last year I hung a pretty mum pouch on the front door.       I hope they carry the mum pouch again this fall.

I hung a pouch on each end of the porch.....

And,    here's how the other end looks with it's sweet Vinca pouch.

Budget friendly yard sale linens are the way to go when you need some pillows on your outdoor furniture.

I bought 3 pillows and 3 shams for $ that's a deal!

I bought the pink Vinca  baskets on the mantel at the beginning of the summer and love the way they match the new pouches perfectly!

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please come back soon!


  1. I guess I'm way behind visiting the garden center, because I've never seen or heard of these before. They're really pretty though, with lots of fun ways to use them. I love this outdoor space!

  2. Good morning Penny, I love your finds this past weekend. The flower pouches are wonderful. I love how the cascade down and cover so much area. I bet you could reuse that pouch next year, store it, lay it down and reseed for next Spring. I do love your back yard.
    Have you tried growing Lavender? I planted some two years ago and it came back last year. Well, thought it had all died do to the long cold Winter we had, but much to my surprise it came back. It smells so good and especially as I am watering in the morning. It is blooming too. The purple adds so much to the flower beds and I use long big planters. I have it with petunia which also came back from seed this year.
    Have a super day. Must do some work since that is what I get paid for.

  3. Penny,
    Thanks so much for sharing the vinca pouches. I have 2 pouch bags and I usually plant impatiens in them which is what was in them when I bought them many years ago for $3.00 a piece. I did not get to plant them this year because it was too late in the Season by the time I planted my annuals. Next year, I may just try planting vinca in one of them to see how it does in my climate here. I love the pillows but with the amount of rain that we seem to get anymore, there is no way I would keep anything cloth outside unless it is weather proof cloth.

  4. I've never heard of the pouches before. I love the waterfall of color they add to the porch. Thanks for passing on this pretty idea.

  5. You really got a bargain on those pretty pillows and shams! And I just love the flower pouches! So nice!

  6. Once again, I adore your girly charm.

  7. The vinca pouches are wonderful! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  8. I got my daughter 2 (empty) pouches this year; she had never seen them. She planted the bargain begonias I got her in them; I prefer impatiens as they spread more; but we'll see how they look by summer's end. I had never seen pink vinca. Your yard is awesome!


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