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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Easy DIY Fall Rag Garland

This was without a doubt the easiest rag garland I have ever created

Not only was my rag garland easy,   it was also budget friendly too!

If you've ever made a garland before you know first hand how time consuming they are to make....cut the strips.....tie them on a form.....yada yada yada!      I bought a 6 foot long premade garland at Hobby Lobby for $6.....yes,   $6!    I added 7 strips of white/ pink fabric to it,   glued 5 small white sunflowers on,  and I had a beautiful garland ready to hang in record time!

I hung it across the coat rack that sits right inside the front door.

I customized my garland to fit the color scheme in the entry by adding a couple of rose bud pieces and I also replaced the top white sunflower with a larger rose colored one.

In a few weeks,    I will add some pumpkins and maybe a few other things to the existing decor to give the entry more of a fall feel.

I might even add a few strips of orange ribbon to my garland!

I wanted my sheep cloche to sit a little higher,   so I gave it a "lift" by sitting it on an open book.  

I gave the bottom shelf a pop of color by placing a rose spray by my cow picture.

A vintage ice cream freezer is the perfect container for a simple greenery floral design.

I bet you're wondering when I will address the "elephant.... er rooster in the room"!     Who hangs a rooster wind chime in the house????      /

My rooster wind chime not only is a pretty face,    he is functional too!     I just ring him when it's time for everyone to come sit down and eat and the grand kids can't resist giving him a little ring when they come in the front door to visit gran!     

One last change in the entry before I put this post to bed......

I did some rug swapping around the house to give some of the rooms a new look

I always enjoy your visits so much,    please come back again soon!


  1. I love the new look. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Everything is so lovely and inviting!

  3. Penny, I absolutely love your style, but I have a question. Do you actually live as a family in all these rooms? How many hours a day do you average on decorating? I would LOVE to do this, but it seems overwhelming. So beautiful.

  4. Good morning Penny, I do like the new entry. The rug change made a big difference. I love the rooster wind chimes. Your grandchildren ringing it reminds me of when I brought a new stone hen. I set her a little box waiting to decide where to place her. I set the box under my piano bench. Well, my cat doesn't like anything new or different. He went up to hen and swatted her several times. When she didn't move he sat there looking at her. I laughed so hard. It was such a funny sight watching him box this stone chicken. He is a big cat too.
    I like the cow with the rose bouquet. It makes such a sweet statement of "Welcome, Come On In". We need all the soft gentleness we can get in this world today.
    Thank you for your wonderful blogs.

  5. Gosh...I haven't done Spring or Summer decorating and now it's Fall, maybe I'll just skip the whole year. Fun ideas, I love the check ribbon, really works with your rustic farm items!

  6. Just lovely! I love your style, and you have a beautiful home!

  7. Always love seeing what you have done to your beautiful home. I have several windchimes in my house that only ring when I bump them! I enjoy them!

  8. Penny,
    I really love that pretty garland!! I have to get my act together and make some myself! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!


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