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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Late Summer Early Fall Decor

It's still a little early for me to decorate for fall yet,    so I'm calling the new decor in the hallway Late Summer /  Early fall.   

This time of year is just beautiful here in Eastern New Mexico     Wild sunflowers are in bloom along the roadside and in our gardens.       

Seeing all the sunflowers outside made me want to bring a similar look inside........

Hallway Before.................................................     Hallway After 
 (yes,  my spring decor was still

I started the new look for the hallway by hanging a metal windmill that I found recently at Hobby Lobby

I attached 2 sunflower garlands to the top of my window frame 

 (I used buffalo check ribbon to tie the garlands to the window frame)

I tucked a few pink roses into my garland.......

I replaced the neutral colored crocheted pieces I had hung behind the windows with some pretty white Battenburg lace pieces.

I had a wooden wall art piece hung on the opposite wall,   but my daughter needed it for a wall in her dining room so I let her have it. 
 I hung this  pic of white cows with a cardboard frame in it's's one of my favorites!      I've had it in the bathroom,  over the mantel in the family room,    over the fireplace in the master bedroom and now in the hallway,

I took down the crocheted pieces that I had hanging on the head / foot board to wash them and decided I like the simpler look so I didn't put them back up.

I've been asked several times how the head / foot boards were attached to the wall and with all that crocheted stuff off of them,   I can show you!

Before you anchor the windows to the wall put a 1 x 2 on the back of the window frame on each end.    That will keep the window from being flat against the wall so you can run ribbon around the window frame and bed frame   Tie the ribbon tight and it will hold your headboard up against the wall.

Now for the foot board......

Screw your wood block to the wall......screw your bed frame to the block......tie a ribbon around the block to hide it and wa-la!

Thank you so much for stopping by,     I'll be back soon to share the other end of the hallway!


  1. I love your sunflower decor, it's so nice to mix things up and create a new seasonal look.

  2. I'm decorating with sunflowers now too. It's so hot that I'm ready for a change. I love this garland. Beautiful.

  3. Good morning, I love the roses and sunflower with the buffalo plaid ribbon. The windmill blades are so cute. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Perfect Late Summer look with the Sunflowers and rose mix. I'm so so ready to start on the transition to Fall. I love your hallway window and how you decorate it for the seasons!

  5. Love that cow picture Penny it is one of my favorites. The headboard and footboard is an awesome idea.

  6. Love the transitional decorating. The sunflowers and that black and white ribbon compliment each other so well. TFS with #omhgww this week.

  7. That is so cute! I love the sunflower garland!

  8. Well this is just so pretty, Penny! I love the sunflowers and the way you have used the bed frame. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely project with the Hearth and Soul Link Party!

  9. I love your pretty seasonal update. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  10. Penny,
    Playing catch up after the terrible week I had with the passing of my nephew....
    Blogging is always a stress releiver and i knew visiting you would bring a smile to my face.... Love the addition of the sun flowers...So bright and cheery!!

  11. Hi Penny, thank you for sharing this at Share Your Style #219. Happy to feature your post this week at SYS #220. Really great ideas on attaching headboards to the wall!

    Have a lovely rest of your week and stay cool,
    Barb :)


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