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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Rebuilding our Buggy

About 10 years ago when H and I were traveling thru Pennsylvania,   we found a buggy that we fell in love with.    H took it apart so it would fit in our tow behind covered utility trailer and we hauled it back to New Mexico.

It has been a focal point in our front yard all these years and when we give someone directions to our home,   we say it's the house with the pony buggy out front.

I don't keep a pillow in the seat all the time,   but I laid my sheep one on the pillow JUST for the photo,   he came back inside with me when I was done!

H and I were just sick when we saw what the harsh winter wind had done to the buggy and wondered if it could ever be put back together.

Would H be able to work his magic with just the parts that were left....or not?

 The before photo shows all he was left for H to work with.....the wheels (thank goodness)   the undercarriage,   and one end of the baby bed  (the other end was destroyed)  

I think H did an awesome job of rebuilding our buggy....don't you!

We also made some cosmetic changes to the buggy......

H spray painted the umbrella frame black to match the buggy.    The can can had topped the umbrella for several years,   so I ordered in a black & white check tablecloth and H stapled it to the umbrella frame

I am so happy to see the buggy back together and sitting proudly in the front yard.

I can see her when I'm sitting on the front porch......

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please stop by again soon!


  1. What a darling buggy! I'd love for you to share it with us at Party In Your PJ's on Tuesday night!

  2. So glad you rescued her and can keep enjoying it. So much fun!

  3. Adorable. Your sheep looks so real, I honestly thought it was real. As always you are so creative.

  4. Good morning, Penny, What a beautiful buggy you now have. It is a keeper. I do like the black and white umbrella. It makes me think of the Southern ladies and their parasols from days gone by. Mr H sure worked his magic. Thanks for sharing. This last Winter was hard on everything.

  5. What a true labor of love.
    Mr H did a beautiful job.
    Like the comment above I too thought
    the lamb was real.

  6. H did a wonderful job! It would have been a great loss if he were not so talented. I love your choice of black/white buffalo checks. And I too thought your lamb was real! Great job, Penny.

  7. Nice save! I too always have to look closely the pillow looks so real. Love it!!!

  8. you willneed to put in some place for the winter or maybe tie a tarp over it.i love the sheep pillow whear did you aver get it?

  9. Your buggy is adorable! And your sheep looks quite comfy on the cushion. Lovely!

  10. Penny,
    I just love this buggy and as you know, I am from Penna, so it is very much like the Penna. Dutch and Amish ones.. Again, I am loving the black and white checked fabric....Really pretty!!

  11. Penny this is so adorable! :-)

  12. I still have 12 feet of bushes from one side to clean out dead wood...luckily where I trimmed, growth is reoccurring. The seasons are so harsh, either too cold, icy, windy, or now hot beyond all 'records' + storms. H did a wonderful job, and it really is the cutest accent for your yard!

  13. Hi Penny, your restoration has been beautiful. My dad restored several old large farm wagons and he would have loved seeing this! OK, that sheep pillow is totally amazing. It looks so REAL, I hadn't seen it before and I had to take a second and third look to see that it wasn't real!

  14. It is nice A real sheep?
    You alway have it oretty HPS

  15. So cute! Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home! --Jennifer

  16. I'm so sorry it was destroyed. H did an amazing job of restoring it. My dad found a model A Ford on a vacation and he towed it back to our home in New York. He never got it restored but we loved playing in it.


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