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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Repurposed Chair with a Colorful Past

This chair has been in the family for years and years!   

This past spring,   H & I decluttered some of my storage area's and sent several chairs to the auction.    This chair was way in the back and had stuff stacked on it where I couldn't see it or it would have probably made the trip!

When we finished cleaning out the storage area and I saw it.....well,   I wasn't really glad to see it.   I was kind of irritated that it was left behind when the other chairs went to the auction.     H brought it to the garage and sat it there til we took another load to the auction again.    

After looking at in all summer long in the garage,    I decided the other day that I would repurpose it as a outdoor chair to use in the yard.     H stripped it down and gave it a fresh coat of white paint

Did I mention that it also had a little foot stool to match?

I didn't like the open plain back that was left after stripping it down,   so I added a mirror frame and a cute bicycle to it.

I filled my bicycle basket with some little boo pumpkins......

I sat the stool in the chair seat and placed my white boots and a wash tub full of white chrysanthemums in front of the chair to complete my vignette.

I am so glad this chair didn't get sent to the auction.....I love it!

Here's the mirror that I put on the back of the chair.

This chair has been in the family for a long time,   I'm not sure just how long but more than 20 years for sure!

I still am using the sofa and love seat it matched.    The springs and fabric are still in perfect condition so I just have them slip covered to go with my current style

I had to play with my chair for a while before I decided which vignette I like the best....

Although I loved the owls,   I can't leave them outside so I will save this vignette to put out sometime when I'm having a get together and then put them back inside after it's over.

Simple but this is a vignette I can leave out in the weather......

My daughter hasn't seen what I've done with "our" chair she asks for it back!


  1. Adorable! What a creative use of an unwanted 'relic'. So often I see these at the thrift stores, but we have all the furniture we need, and hubby isn't into...Old 'crap' in the garden as he says---But----this is so adorable, I might have to sneak one more into the yard on I have two just about at the kindling wood stage now!

  2. Beautiful! What color paint do use?

  3. I love the chair with the mirror back. Not too fond of bicycle on it bit loved the more simple ones cause they showcase the wonderful whole chair. Super idea Penny. I pour over all your blogs and save them for future perusal!! Blessings and love!

  4. Good morning Penny, That chair sure takes on its own life. I love the owls on the foot stool, just too cute for words. The big pumpkin is great. You do have fun. Glad you have so much fun and it entertains all of us too.
    Thanks. Love the chair.

  5. So many chairs with such potential like this one end up in the landfill. You transformed this dated chair into something fun - enjoy it for many years to come! Jen at EverydayOldHouse

  6. What a creative repurpose! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  7. Penny!!
    what an amazing transformation!! Love it!!


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