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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Why I love Farmhouse Style

I love the Farmhouse  decorating style that is so popular right now. 
  It's nothing new for me though,    I have always loved the Farmhouse look.      Perhaps,  it is because I come from a long line of farmers.

Both sets of my Grandparents and my parents farmed so I am very familiar with farm life.      H also comes from a long line of farmers,   so he is very comfortable with our home being decorated in Farmhouse style.

Farmers consider the animals as just "part of the family"     So,  it made perfect sense to me to create a photo gallery of  all the farm animal pictures that I have collected over the years.

I have even named the animals in my pictures.....this is Billy Bob

Butter Cup

My family had a dairy as well as farm land,    so I am kind of partial to cow!     I remember that all the cows we milked had names too!

You have to look really close to see Bessie's wedding veil.....

I put 3 display units together to make a free standing wall gallery to put my farm animal photo's on.    I hate driving nails in the wall,  so this style of wall gallery works perfect for me and I can easily move it anywhere 

Sam and the triplets.....   

We didn't have sheep on our farm,  but we had pigs and chickens   (they all had names

There are so many different styles of Farmhouse decor.....and I have to admit that I love them all. 

  What is my style? 
   Well,   it's a combination of my Grandmother's 1960's style.   my mothers 80's style,   with some touches of this city girl's  (me!)  style!

One of my favorite childhood memories is of my Nanny  (that's what we called my mother's mother)  hanging the pretty calendars on the wall that the farm stores used to send them in the mail at Christmas .      Those calendars and family photo's were all she had to decorate the wall's with way back then....what!!! no Hobby Lobby!   
We've come a long way!


  1. Penny, I love your farm animal gallery. I remember when we were small we did not have things hanging on our walls. We had very little growing up. I can also remember going to a neighbors and she had pictures of movie stars from a magazine on her walls. I thought it was wonderful then. LOL. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your collection of farm pent house is not the farm-house look, but I still do a few things here and there animal artwork and plates is gorgeous ! We also lived on a farm with hubby and the girls, but when we downsized to this penthouse, there it went.
    I think a PH is not the country or farm look, lol...
    I love your house.

  3. love your farmhouse friends, Penny, they're all adorable!

  4. Good morning, I do love your animal pictures. The animals take me back to my childhood of playing with my dog, horses, goats and whatever came our way. The horse loved to have me go out and climb on their backs and way we would go; no saddle and sometimes not eve a bridle or halter. When I wasn't riding the horses the billy goat was the ride. My brothers would rope the goats and pretend rodeo. They were our friends and entertainment. We didn't have TV, only radio.
    Oh, I love the pumpkins on a string or garland. They are so cute.
    Thanks for the wonderful memory jogger.

  5. You have a darling collection. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  6. That is so funny Penny I name my farm animal pictures too! They are adorable by the way. Your style is perfect as far as I see.

  7. Always luv the way you do your home. I too like my needlepoint artwork around me. I have found those 3M damage-free hangars are wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. Amazing how you do so much with white!

  9. My Grandma lived on a farm and she always had a huge farm supply calendar with a picture of cows on the wall. I love cows to this day. Your farm house decorating is very endearing.

  10. Love all your animals! Especially "Buttercup"! Have a lovely evening!

  11. Penny, I only had my Nubian goats for my high school years and into college when my mother took over milking them (until it got to be too much between her working as a teacher and me not being there to spell/help her, then the one remaining goat was given to another goat farmer). I love Ophelia and Sashay!!! They had a couple of litters of kids between them and we bottle fed several after Sashay's leg broke giving birth to the triplets. They were a lot of fun and loved bananas, oak leaves off our trees and Ophelia even chewed off a hunk of my straw-colored hair! Guess she thought it looked yummy... Probably was the shampoo!!! At least it grew back. ;)

    Very cute post and happy to share it at today's Share Your Style #229,
    Fall hugs to you and no, I haven't forgotten about the Christmas post!
    Barb :)

  12. I love all the cows, My daughter decorates with them. So cute!

  13. My grandmother had calendar art. I have one of her Currier and Ives pictures. It's a winter scene that I pull out at Thanksgiving. I come from a long line of farmers on my maternal grandmother's side. Loved this post, Penny.


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