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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tiered Farmhouse Christmas Tree

I've decorated a lot of Christmas tree's in my time,   and this has to be one of my favorites EVER!

The theme for the family room this year is Christmas at the Tree Farm.     I have several tree's that I usually scatter around the house,   so this year I put most of them in the family room to create my Christmas tree Farm.    

I tried to give each tree in the family room it's own personality and the tiered tree stands out from the rest of them!

I shared how I created my tiered tree in an earlier post,   and if you missed it here's the link to it......

Decorating this tree was so easy and quick.......instead of putting a lot of ornaments on it I just have a few big statement farmhouse pieces and a few smaller ones.

At the top of the tree is a metal rooster weather vane and some plaid and BC poinsettia's.

The second tier on the tree is decorated with a farm village......

On the third tier,     I have a big chicken wire truck loaded with Christmas tree's.    The tree's will be dropped off at a local tree lot in town......

On the fourth tier,       I have Santa in the truck bed.     He is headed to town to be in the big Christmas parade  tonight......

Underneath the tree,  is the final tier.     I didn't want this tier to be empty until Christmas eve,    so I have some farmhouse decor to fill in until Santa comes.

The backside of the tree faces into the family dining room.   

  What could be in that big Merry Christmas bag on the right side of the photo?     Well,   I'll share a little secret with you guys!     I have lots of decorative pillows with no where to go when I put the Christmas pillows out,    so I've stored some of them in bags until after!

The dining room side of the tree has lots of fun farmhouse decor on each tier......

And of course,    I decorated under the tree too!

Next to my tiered tree is a tree that I have decorated pretty simple so the my tiered tree will be the star of the group.

I wrapped some buffalo check mesh and a snow ball garland around this tree.     The branches on this tree are very limber and it isn't prelit so I added some light weight battery operated fairy lights to it.     

The star of this tree is a mounted moose!

Isn't he adorable?

My Christmas tree Farm also has buckets of fresh greenery for sale.........

H's recliner is next to the tiered tree.
   He has been playing games on his computer and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate while I took my pic's of the tree's 

There are two tree's on the other side of the fireplace that I shared in an earlier post.     Here's a link to it in case you may have missed it......

You can see a sneak peek of the mantle if you look really close......but this post has been lonnnnng. so I'll be back soon with pic's of it!   xoxo


  1. PENNY!!!!!

    My friend, you have outdone yourself with this one!!!! It is totally amazing!! You know that i am not much of a Farmhouse fan BUT I DO love how you decorate your house with a mixture of Farmhouse, vintage and shabby chic!! Now if i had an extra room, I may actually do a Farmhouse themed room after seeing this!!! Stunning!!!!

  2. Wow! You decorated the room so pretty with your Christmas tree farm. There is so much to look at and I love all the details and even the animals on the floor.

  3. Wow! It's all so beyond beautiful. Like walking into a fairytale land. I like your farm theme. I've never seen one done so beautiful. You are a great decorator. This should be in a magazine.

  4. Good morning Penny, Oh, how beautiful! Your farmhouse tree land turned into a child's fairy land at Christmas. I hope you take lots and lots of pictures and post loads more.
    Oh, the details you put into your fun. You really do enjoy your life and I am thankful you share this little bit with all of us, your friends.
    I love the moose, the trucks, the barn, all the animals. Such cleaver idea of including all these things on Christmas trees.
    Thank you.

  5. Thank you Penny for all the happy ideas! I love your tree and the snowball one could be left up after Christmas.

  6. I LOVE your trees!!!! The farmhouse one is my absolute favorite of all time! May I ask where you got the chicken wire truck? It's darling! I enjoy all your posts. Have a blessed holiday.

  7. I am flat out making one tree look nice and you do all this. Well done.

  8. Just exquisite! The tiered tree is an amazing thing and could be equally as beautiful in your vintage theme.

  9. Love, love all of the plaid and checked pieces. The picture shot with the bottom of the chandilier showing looks like a winter wonderland. I am a modern farmhouse girl myself and I absolutely love both your trees and all of the details. Thanks for sharing with #omhgww.

  10. It's like a Christmas shop! Pretty!


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