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Monday, February 24, 2020

Just Paint It

Paint is absolutely the fastest,  cheapest,  and easiest way to make the biggest impact on anything you want to give a fresh look!       I found a cute table at a yard sale for $3 and a coat of white paint entirely changed the look of it.  

I could hardly wait for the paint to dry so I could bring it in and put a sweet spring design on it.     You know the old saying....a watched pot never boils.....well,  a watched table takes a long time to!

I made these eggs several years ago and look forward to using them in my spring vignettes every year.     My sweet friend Kerryanne shared a tutorial showing how to make these...

Here's a link to it if you would like to make some cottage eggs for your spring decorating.....

I love to find fun prints to add to my vignettes......

This is a favorite spring print of mine,   and it's FREE!     Click here to get this one and several other ones too.......

It was so hard to take any pics today that didn't have some glare on them!      It's sunny and 60 degree's here in Eastern New Mexico and the sun is streaming thru the window,  but that's ok,,,,,, I'm ready for some warm weather.

The back yard is calling!

I always enjoy your visits so much,    please come back again soon!


  1. what a great find with that adorable table. love the eggs and black/white accessories, so cute Penny!

  2. Your table is adorable, especially the way you dressed her!

  3. Good morning Penny, I do like the table in white and the cute checkerboard rabbit. I like how you gathered all the cute things together under the beautiful cut glass window decoration. It is so nice to appreciate the past with the new.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Amazing what paint can do!

  5. Beautiful update on such a great find and price.

  6. Your Easter decor looks wonderful on your new table. I love the bunny! Visiting from Party in your PJs.

  7. how super cute all decked out in pastels and easter goodies. Love the fabric easter eggs
    come see us at

  8. I really like those little eggs you made. So cute and thanks for sharing them with us at #OMHGWW.

  9. Thanks for sharing your pretty painted table and free printables at Vintage Charm!

  10. Do you have a specific paint brand and white color that you often use? I am looking for a very soft white color to paint my old oak dining room set...nothing too stark white or too beige.


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