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Friday, May 1, 2020

Welcoming in May with a Patriotic Porch

Goodbye April.....Welcome May!     

I thought the perfect way to welcome in May would be to create a Patriotic theme for the front porch.     

First,    I hung a Patriotic wreath on the door......

Then     I made a Patriotic garland to hang on the wall next to the front door.......

   I moved down to the seating area of the porch to add some touches of Patriotic decor there......

My mother made the ruffled striped pillows I put in the rockers.     I use them every year in my Patriotic decor in her memory........

Here's the other rocker and matching pillow. 

    If you follow my blog,   you probably remember that there were 2 chaise lounges on the far end of the porch you see a BBQ grill in their place.     What's up with that you ask!!!!     We cook out so much on the front porch that I decided we needed an outdoor kitchen.     Can't wait to share it with you when I've finished it!

I hung my absolute favorite Patriotic picture over the couch.    It is a vintage Home Interior piece that I've had for years.

United we Stand........that couldn't be more true this year after all our nation has been thru!

I can't wait to carry my Patriotic porch theme on out into the yard......

And,   I still need to add some Patriotic touches to this side of the porch too!

Before I close my post ,   I want to share the new mailbox that H added to the front yard......

After he put it up   I added the finial touch.... my new hen mailbox cover      (you can find my magnetic mailbox cover here......

I always enjoy your visits so much.....please come back again soon!


  1. The garland is so cute and the mailbox cover is adorable. Thank you Penny for always making me smile.

  2. Home Interiors - a blast from the past. I sold HI&Gifts in the 80s. It's nice to see a piece displayed. I think I have 2 pieces left now. I love the striped pillows, too. I hope someday to be remembered by things I've made. Happy May!

  3. Opening one of your posts is a feast for the eyes! I so enjoy seeing what you and your handy husband have been doing. You must have fairly large yard to have all the outdoor "rooms". You certainly are talented!

  4. what a beautiful porch time to sit outside and enjoy yourself and who could not in such a lovely place
    come see us at

  5. The garland is a beautiful idea to fill the space! I have been wanting to decor our entryway table for 4th of July already, and have been having a hard time finding ideas for something other than a flag.


  6. What a beautiful yard and porch you have. It's so lovely and inviting!

  7. Supercute. Just screams charming Americana!

  8. Penny,
    I love all of your patriotic touches. That garland is beautiful. I especially love all of your pillows. Congratulations, you are being featured at Thursday Favorite Things.

  9. Thanks for sharing your patriotic porch at Vintage Charm!


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