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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Mid Summer Back Yard

I took photo's of the back yard in early April.    It's mid July now and  the yard has progressed very nicely despite the hot weather we've had here recently.     H and I just returned from a trip to see relatives that live just northeast of Dallas and MAN was it hot and humid there!    Made me really appreciate the dry cooler weather here in Eastern New!

The tree's hadn't put out their summer leaves yet in April,   quite a difference a few months made.

The Phlox are in bloom.......

Since I took the photo's in April we have bought new wicker settees for the back yard......

I added wind chimes from Tractor Supply to each side of the porch.....

Here's the wind chime on the other side .....

See my little photo bomber laying up on the pink shelf......that's her usual spot every evening.

We have a few dry spots in the grass due to the excessive heat......they will green up pretty quick when it cools down a little next week.

The rose garden is starting to put on buds again and should be in full bloom in a few weeks.....

It is good to be back blogging again.     I had to take a few weeks off  to get myself together after my 16 year old niece passed away unexpectedly.....then H and I decided to take a trip to east Texas so I've been gone for quite a while.
I always enjoy your visits so much....please stop by again soon!


  1. Penny, we've missed you...welcome back. Sorry to hear about your niece. We also had 2 unexpected deaths in the family. My granddaughter was only 39 and my stepson 60. Maybe we all will feel better once this virus thing gets under control. We love you and yours. Irene

  2. Hi Penny! Glad you took some time off and am so happy to see your return. Your yard is looking beautiful. I love your phlox!Jane

  3. Penny, Thanks for being back. I was just wondering about you yesterday. I was going to send you and email. I love your blog so much. Your yard is lovely and your cat is cute. You will have to put her in your pictures more.
    It so hard loosing a loved one unexpectedly and so young. I lost one of my brothers and a great nephew who was only 16 on the same day in two different events in that day, so I can relate. It's been over 10 years now. Time does soften the pain, but it never goes away.
    This time in history we are living isn't easy, but past events for those who have gone before us were't easy for them. We have unhappy people who have turned away from God and the greatness of this United States of America. Where else on earth would these rioters get away with what they have? We must focus on the good from God and not let evil fill our minds from all that is trying to ruin our lives.
    God Bless You and Mr H. I am so glad you both got to have a break.
    This trip you mentioned reminded me of the trips you took to the country. Your pictures of the fields. Oh, they must really be beautiful now that is near Summer.
    KEEP UP ALL THE WONDERFUL WORK. WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So Cute. I always love your posts.

  5. Hi Penny. This is my first time visiting. Greetings from your neighboring state of Colorado..

    I pray the Lord continues to comfort you and your family after your niece's passing.

    Your backyard is awesome and I really like your prayer space.

    Enjoy this amazing day...


  6. I hope you are recharged and vitalized. Just being to escape anywhere would be a blessing, but for you and all your readers stay safe, stay home...and your lovely yard is a great place to be!

  7. Penny, I hope you are feeling a little better, but I know it's so hard when a family member passes. I was reading how you were just here in Dallas area! It IS hot here!!! I go out to water and walk early in the morning (sunrise or earlier) and get done and in by 9:00am. Funny, my husband and I were just saying (after a trip out to California with my husband's father's death in late May) how now we know what is meant by, "Oh, it's a dry heat!" Lol!!!

    Glad you made it home safely and that you are enjoying your home and yard. The wind chimes are cute. Stay cool!

    Barb :)

  8. I am so sorry to hear of your loss; you and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. Your yard looks so inviting. Our grass is fairly brown in spots too with all the heat we've been having and so little rain these past few weeks.

  9. Oh Penny, I am so heartily sorry for your loss of your niece - she was so young. That is so difficult, and very sad news, surrounded by sad news daily. May she rest in peace, and may you find peace and healing from loving family and friends around you.

    Your yard is so whimsical and fun. You rock it. Stay safe, stay well. Hugs.

  10. Penny, your yard looks absolutely beautiful--no surprise there, for you have a "magic touch."

    So sorry to hear of the death of your niece. What a tragedy! Bless you as you continue to grieve that loss.

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I'm featuring you this week!

  11. I'm so very sorry about your niece, Penny. That is so very sad. Thinking of you in your grief.

    Your back yard looks absolutely beautiful, a wonderful place to rest and restore. Take care, and thank you for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Community.

  12. I'm sorry for your family's loss Penny. How sad you must be.
    It's lovely to have you back and your yard is looking amazing. The trees do look lovely and lush now. A big hug for you sweetie xx

  13. Penny,
    I am so sorry for your family's loss.....Nice to see that you are back to blogging... Your yard looks great!!

  14. Also sorry for the loss of your niece. God bless.

  15. I'm so sorry for the loss your family has suffered. Prayers for all of you.


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