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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wildflowers, Phlox, and Roses in a Vintage Ice Cream Freezer

  I took advantage of the abundance of flowers blooming in our back yard and the wildflowers blooming along the country roads to create a  beautiful late summer bouquet for the front porch.

I needed a large container for my design,   so I chose a vintage ice cream freezer....and even it almost wasn't large enough to hold all the flowers I cut!

I sat my floral design on a vintage scale that I have right outside the front door of the porch......then I finished my vignette with a old concrete chicken and a sunflower metal art piece that my daughter gave me for my bday a few years ago.

My rose garden is so pretty this summer........and the big bed of Phlox smells heavenly......

Thanks so much for stopping by......please come back again soon!


  1. Oh, Penny, I'm glad you said that about the Phlox. I love their scent...and it's so nice to have an often neglected flower be a focus. So pretty, hugs, Sandi

  2. LOVE, love, love this Penny! all those gorgeous flowers and colors. An ice cream bucket is one of my favorite places for an armful of blooms! So I see you have Mr. Rooster; I have momma and baby on my post for this morning!

  3. Good morning Penny, Wow that is one big bouquet of flowers. Yes, your roses are like the Jackson and Perkins catalog pictures. I love Phlox and the lovely smell they give off can't be beat. Old things are better than most new things.
    THANK YOU FOR SHARING. Love, love, love it all.

  4. Love your flowers....such a great collection and all my favorites! We've had some moderate temperatures finally, so it's fun to be outside. Have a great week, Sandi

  5. Lovely! I always enjoy the flowers in my garden and bring some inside!

  6. Stunning. I recently bought a small home and plan to have lots of flowers next year. I love Phlox.

  7. Wow. Gorgeous. Your concrete chicken is adorable!

  8. I love this, I'm excited to feature you this week at Charming Homes & Gardens! ~ Kristin | White Arrows Home

  9. This is so pretty Penny! I can imagine how lovely the phlox smells. Thanks for sharing it at Farmhouse Friday!

  10. So pretty! What a beautiful bouquet, indeed. I will always love a porch that looks like that. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Penny,
    The color pf your bouquet is just stunning! Love the pretty vignette o your porch!!


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