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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Christmas Cabinet

I always enjoy putting together a holiday or seasonal look in my dining room cabinet,    and the Christmas Cabinet is by far my favorite design to create.

The star of my Christmas Cabinet is a pink and gold Believe in the Magic of Christmas metal sign that I found at a local shop here in Eastern New Mexico.......

I added Christmas touches to the white iron stone pieces that I have in the cabinet year round.    Someday I will put my iron stone away and fill the cabinet with something different,   but I don't have plans to do that anytime soon

I bought a roll of really wide red velvet ribbon last year at Hobby Lobby's 80% off after Christmas sale.   I was able to repurpose it as a long table runner for my Christmas Cabinet.

I decorated with lots of flowers in my cabinet to carry on with the theme I have in the family room.....Christmas Market Flower Shop.     

I am extending my Christmas Flower Market theme into the kitchen as well.     I created a live poinsettia tree to welcome you into the kitchen from the family room.    I was able to create my tree using poinsettias that I found on sale for $2 each at Home Depot    I bought quite a few of them,   so you will see red poinsettias generously scattered around the house this holiday season.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Christmas Cabinet and will come back soon to visit again!      



  1. Beautiful! I love the Believe in the Magic of Christmas metal sign, your calendar, and your whole theme. Where did you get your calendar?

  2. Thank you Rebecca! I found my kitchen towel calendar last year on Amazon, they have pretty 2021 calendars now....xo

  3. Your cabinet is so pretty and festive and inviting! I love the pink touches and the sign is wonderful! It's rare to find pretty Christmas decor in pink and the sign is the star of the cabinet show!

  4. This is a very beautiful cabinet! Great job.

  5. That cabinet is gorgeous. I love it decked out for Christmas.


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