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Monday, November 23, 2020

Christmas Wall Art from Farmhouse Gift Bags

There are so many ways to reuse gift bags and one of my favorites is to repurpose them as inexpensive wall art.     

I found this Christmas gift bag at a local shop.    It is made from a heavy duty canvass like paper and had a sweet cow print on each side.   All I had to do was cut it apart and I had 2 inexpensive pieces of wall art.    I even left the handle on each one to create a fun way to hang them on the wall.

I hung the other print at this end of my gallery wall......

I don't know which little calf has the sweetest face!

I am always looking for different ways to display my ever growing collection of Christmas stockings.  Of course my favorite way is to hang them on the mantel,   but I have also hung them on ladders and this year I decided to hang my buffalo check stockings on the iron headboard in the hallway.

I left the existing barn print in the center of my gallery wall and just hung a Christmas banner across the front of it.

I have a picture frame gallery on the opposite wall......

I filled my empty frames with Christmasy things.

This must be a popular!     I found the bag at a local gift shop and the tile came from Hobby Lobby.

Hobby Lobby also had  pig and donkey tiles.

The other end of the hallway is still a work in progress,   but I will be back soon to share it with you guys.


  1. You are so whimsical and fun, Penny. This is a clever idea.

    Please take care - stay safe, stay well, stay thankful....

    Come on over to the blog for a visit, and don't forget to enter my artisan soap giveaway!

  2. The bags are cute Penny. You always come up with the best ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Penny, you can find art in almost anything you encounter! I wish I had your vision to see things outside of the box like you do. You have such an amazing talent in decorating your home to look not only gorgeous, but also a bit whimsical and fun. Your home is the home I strive to create, one where the minute you step foot in the door you smile. Please be safe and healthy!

  4. Love this Penny! There are so many pretty gift bags in a box in my storage room. You've inspired me to go and get them! Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Love all your art...and the cohesive look of the white frames...make this wonderful for all seasons! You are having too much fun this year! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Super cute! I bought a bag to try something like this, now I'm convinced to get it done!


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