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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Moving to the Ranch

No,  not H and I!!!!   
Our daughter & grand daughter are in the process of moving to a ranch about 100 miles from us ......we will miss them living just a few blocks away but it is only a little over an hour drive away so we can visit often. 
 The ranch is huge  and the house is about 10,000 sq feet so there's lots to do on this working ranch and plenty of decorating to be done in the I hope you will enjoy updates of  their journey on my blog as I plan to share plenty of pics with you guys!

The floor plan is very's a little peek at the kitchen and dining area.    But for now,   let's take a look around the ranch

Our grand daughter loves to give H & I rides around the ranch ,    she's only 14 but is a skilled driver.    She can only drive on the ranch for now but she will have plenty of driving experience by the time she is old enough to get a license to drive on public roads.

Our first stop is the goat pen. 

Well, one of the goat! 
  This one also has a black cow in it that thinks he's a goat.    He had to be bottle fed as a baby and now he's just one of the goats!

The chickens on the ranch are free range and this is the only one that would stop long enough to let me take a pic

This is the view from the front porch.     You can see for miles here in Eastern New Mexico.

The cows normally eat off the land,   but it has been so dry that they need to be taken hay and a suppliment called "cake" until they can be moved to another field that's greener.

The hay and cake are loaded on a flat bed truck and taken to the field for the cows.    The cows are scattered for miles on the field but they come running when you start honking the horn     Cody uses a pitch fork to scatter the hay on the ground for them and then the cake dumps from a machine on the flat bed.     There are about 100 cows in this field and about 30 on another field  

After a long day on the ranch Melissa has a hearty meal ready.......

Tonight she made sausage and shrimp jambalaya. 

One pot is made with rice and the other one is cauliflower rice since about half of us eat Keto friendly 

You may remember that Melissa and her dad drew up the plans for her farm table a couple of years ago and built it.   I think it looks perfect in the dining area of the ranch house.   

Here's a link to that post if you would like to see more about the table......

This cows will be moved to this field in front of the house when it gets a little greener,  but until then they will get hay and cake deliveries!     
I hope you enjoyed seeing the ranch.....come back again soon!



  1. What an exciting move! That kitchen/ living room is just beautiful. We own lots of land and our oldest learned to drive around on various pieces of equipment and in different vehicles pretty early on so much so that getting his license this year really was a piece of cake.

  2. Penny, as much as I love and look forward to pics of your own house, this is going to be fun. The ranch is fabulous!

  3. interesting to see 'farming/ranching' compared to the upper Midwest. What a gorgeous house, and all those fun! Sandi

  4. Look forward to updates on decor work! 10,000 sq ft home is huge!!! Must have cost a fortune! Although I hear New Mexico has lower home prices. How many acres? Lots of work caring for a farm of animals!

    1. Yes, it is lots of work caring for farm animals and planting the fields. There are 800 acres on the farm.....xoxo

  5. I know you will miss them being so close, but everything looks wonderful. I really love that table.

  6. Thanks for sharing this with us, Penny! I can't wait to see/read more! I would loooove to live in the country like this on a ranch or farm. :-)

    Niky @ The House on Silverado

  7. thanks life on the ranch looks rather attractive to me. I recently moved to a rural small town and am loving life
    come see us at

  8. Those wide open spaces are gorgeous!! I am sure you will miss them both so much. They have an adventure ahead of them!! :)

  9. What a wonderful adventure! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.

  10. Oh this will be fun to see your daughter new home on the ranch!
    Thank you for sharing on OMHGWW! I hope you find a way to enjoy your week!

  11. How exciting! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!


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