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Monday, April 12, 2021

Vintage Freight Cart Dolly Repurposed as Garden Flower Cart

Over the years,   H has collected several vintage pieces used in the trucking industry.    He has a couple of freight cart dolly's and I decided to repurpose one of them as a Garden Flower Cart for the back yard.

A piece of rebar has been welded to each side of the back of my cart and I used one of them to mount an umbrella on.   The umbrella post fits perfect over the rebar to make a sturdy place to mount it.

You may remember this umbrella from the front porch.......

I found a new one for the front porch the other day and can't wait to share it in a future post!

I have all kinds of vignettes planned for my garden cart and this is just the first of!

If you look close you can see the lilac bush blooming in the background of this photo.....

Our neighbor to the east has a row of lilac bushes by the fence that separates our property......

Between our bush and our neighbors bushes ,    the back yard smells heavenly! 

  I always enjoy your visits so much,   please stop by again soon!



  1. oh I love this Penny. I'm a fan of old industrial items, and the flowers just set it off. Your ferns are amazing. I'm just getting started with a couple from Lowes that are pretty small.

  2. Leave it to you, Penny, to have moveable vignettes...Ha, actually what a great idea as the year changes to be able to move a focal point around! Hugs, Sandi

  3. Penny, i love this post! You and H are so creative! I have always loved lilacs, and remember their aroma from my grandmother’s house, growing up in Amarillo.i can’t grow them in the Austin area, it’s too hot! I’m sure your yard smells heavenly! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I bet sitting out back near the lilac bushes and taking in the beautiful decor makes for a peaceful day. Thank you Penny everything looks wonderful.

  5. So cute! You have such a lovely retreat.

  6. Soooo pretty, Penny!!! My little Miss Kim lilac just finished and oddly enough, it had white blooms this year instead of the pale lilac color it had when I bought it. Guess I didn't feed it enough over winter... Happy to feature your lovely garden cart and your adorable goat at tonight's Share Your Style #300 (Did you know I raised goats in high school for 4-H when we lived in Northern California? I had Nubians and one Toggenburg).<3

    Enjoy your lovely springtime,
    Barb :)


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