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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Loving Lavender in the Yard and on the Porch

I decided to use a color in the front yard and on the porch that I don't use very often.....Lavender....and I'm loving it!

I filled the planter on our front porch with Lavender and I am really pleased with the way it looks from the street......

I normally mix several different colors and flowers in this planter,   but I wanted the simple look of a Lavender field this time.

Since I don't use Lavender very often,    I didn't have a lot of stuff on hand in my decorating stash.   I love it so much that I plan to add more as I find plants and accessories to add to what I already have.

I had a few purple/ lavender silk flowers in my stash that I was able to use in my hanging baskets.

I also had a few lavender silk bushes that I used to fill the pick up bed in the centerpiece on the farm table.

I have tons of fabric on hand but not too much in Lavender.....

I had two lavender pillow shams that belonged to my Mother.....she loved any shade of purple!

I had a yard sale sheet that I found in my stash of linens......I may cut it up and use the fabric to cover some throw pillows for the porch.

I also had a Farmhouse Lavender Fields pillow cover.....

Last but not least,   I had a Lavender wreath on hand to hang on the front door.  

If you are using Lavender in your yard this summer,   I would love for you to share photo's in the comments!



  1. That pick up truck centerpiece looks lovely. I've never had good luck with lavender, but it smells amazing and you can dry it for sachets. The Life....

  2. As the proprietor of Lavender Hill Herb Farm, I once was engrossed with everything lavender including the scent, color (including most of my wardrobe). Today, many years later and at the golden age of 80 I still find it soothing and have my guest room totally decorated in shades of lavender! Good for you to feature it at your little fairy land!

  3. I have lavender and lilacs for scent in my gardens. Wonderful!


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