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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Backyard Blooms and a Peek into one of my Junk Yards

Our backyard is in full bloom!

Today I am sharing a pretty little corner of the back yard and a look into what's being hidden.....a hot mess for!

Since you can see thru the lattice fencing,   I decided to hang a cute farmhouse shower curtain in front of it.    Out of sight....out of! 

I love using shower curtains to add interest to area's of the yard....they weather really well too.    You may remember I have another one just like it in the front yard.   If you missed it,   here's a link to that post.......

In addition to the curtain,   I changed the decor  up a little bit.......

Well,   I've put it off as long as I can......Here's my junk yard reveal......

What a mess!   

 H and I are going to tackle this area pretty soon and send a bunch of this stuff to the auction.

I took pictures all over the yard today and will be back soon with a post sharing more of the backyard.

I always enjoy your visits so much,   please come back again soon!



  1. Your junk is another persons perfect finishing touch to their home. And I'm looking a shower curtains in a whole new way:)

  2. everything is so pretty, I love that wonderful pink deacon's bench! I spy lots of things in your junk patch I'd love!

  3. I love seeing your posts, though I rarely comment - but I had to this time because I *love* that shower curtain. It's such an adorable way to cover things that you don't want seen, hehe. But your 'junk yard' looks pretty fabulous to me :-)

  4. So pretty! You have such a knack Penny. Your junk yard is someone else's treasures. :-)

  5. Good morning,
    The old saying "one man's junk is another man's treasures" is so true. I don't call it junk because the "stuff" will be just what someone else has been looking for forever! I do love your idea of using shower curtains. It amazes me how sturdy they are and don't sun bleach. It's a good way to keep nosy neighbors at bay. They make great room dividers too. 2 kids who have to share a bedroom can have what they want on their side of the room. You hang them back to back.
    Love, love your ideas.

  6. Wishing I lived near by, the " junk heap" looks wonderful to me.... :)

  7. I love how you made everything look so beautiful. Thanks for sharing on Our Mini Linky Party!

  8. Penny,
    O my goodness! All those lovely birdcages!! It sure is a pretty heap of junk in my book!! Hope you have a great day!!


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