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Monday, August 23, 2021

A Tour of my Studio's Faux Kitchen

I create lots of faux food centerpieces and of course I create them in my faux kitchen!

The faux kitchen is in a little corner of the studio.....come on in and take a tour.....

I have a stove and two refrigerators in my faux kitchen.   The stove is my favorite belonged to my dad.    H painted one of the refrigerators pink and the other one white.....just the colors that I love.

Let's take a look in the pink refrigerator first..... 

Faux veggies......fruits......pie's .......

The white refrigerator has cabbages.....lemons....another lemon pie....and tons of grapes.     Does anyone still have any of those grapes I have on the bottom shelf.....the ones that were popular a long time ago?   I can't think of what they were made of....can any of you guys?

More grapes on the wall and a few of my food related signs.

I have my collection of aprons in the've seen me use them lots of times to decorate the "real" kitchen in the house.

I have my drying racks on the white fridge and hung on the wall......

I can't share the Christmas room with you guys yet.....but hope to this year for!    I've never shared it before because it's so crowded and always in a mess.    I am in high hopes of getting it purged and organized this least enough that I can let you have a little peek inside!

Well,   I hope you enjoyed your tour of my faux kitchen.....

And loved seeing my co'll see them again at Thanksgiving!



  1. So fun! I’m curious, how do you use your studio? Is it a space to entertain, create, or just a space to play with decor? However you use it, I love it!!

    1. I use it as a space to create and also to store decor and misc stuff when not in use....hugs...

  2. Those are well stocked fridge's. The pilgrims are great too.

  3. Very nice, so pretty! Love your "Dad's" stove... have a good evening!

  4. Oh, my. I've wondered where you have kept all your STUFF! The refrigerators are a riot. I think those grapes look like HL grapes and are just soft plastic. It was insane the amount of grapes we used in displays during their popularity. Fun stuff!

  5. Love your faux kitchen. So cute and looks real. The great thing is there is no work to do there. The dishes are washed and the food doesn't need to be chopped and cooked.

  6. PENNY!!
    OMG!! Those refrigerators stocked with all the faux fruit is unreal!! Love it!!What an amazing area! you must have so much fun in there...

  7. I love your studio area! You have lots of things to spark your creativity!

  8. What a sweet room. I adore pink as well. Definitely some fanciful imaginings going on in your house.

  9. Hi Penny,
    What fun to have a faux kitchen. Love it! My mom had those grapes in the 70's and hers were made of rubber.


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