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Saturday, August 21, 2021

Morning Glories in the Late Summer Yard

I love to get out early in the morning and enjoy a walk around the back's still cool at that time and it's the only time of the day that the Morning Glories are blooming.

I think Morning Glories are kind of a I usually pull them up if I see any.    This plant came up right by a trellis so I left it just to see if it woud be pretty there. 

A few weeks ago  (July 28)  there were just a few vines on the trellis.

By August 18 it had really taken off and was in the process of taking over the bird all weeds do!    .     

I love to take my walk around the yard when it smells like fresh mowed grass!  H just mowed and it smells wonderful!      He has the grass looking especially lush and green this year.    Our home sits on a half acre but we don't have any grass in the front yard.     So he still has quite a bit to mow but nothing like it would be if there was grass in the front.  

As you can see in the before and after pic....the phloxs are almost finished blooming this summer.   I'm always excited to see how the yard changes over the summer.....we'll see how it looks in another few weeks.

Thanks for stopping by to see our late summer yard......  



  1. I grow morning glories every year. I have wrought iron railing around my front porch, and they circle around them.

  2. OH I just love Morning Glories! I can see how they would be weed-like but they are just so pretty in my opinion.

  3. Good morning, Yes, I too love Morning Glories. I had 4 colors in my flower garden last few years at my prior home. I trellises for them to grow up and it was a waterfall of blooms. I started some at my new home and they have take off too. Hopefully I'll have blooms before cold weather sets in. The back patio faces South so maybe I'll get to enjoy a crop before frost. Morning Glories, 4 o'clocks, marigolds, hollyhocks are my old fashion standards for a real flower garden. Yes, I have seen the mums coming in a various places I shop. I am not ready for the change. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden.

  4. Lovely back yard. I love it when a stay flower pops into my yard in just the right place, like your morning glory. It decorated your back yard with cheerful flowers.

  5. Your yard looks lovely!! I have annuals in my back yard that look like shrubs because of the heat, humidity and all the rain that we have had.....

  6. I had some morning glory which I ended up putting in a hanging basket this year, only because I didn't have anywhere else for it to go and it's actually been really lovely. A weed is only a plant that you don't want so if it grows vigorously and you like it's a win right?

  7. Penny, your yard always is so lush and beautiful!!! The morning glory is so happy where it is at... A keeper if it'll be tamed to stay there, for sure! Neighbors at our last house in California had one morning glory across the road from us (well, up the street a bit, but I used to pass by it on my walks and when driving in and out of our neighborhood). It took over the trees!

    Enjoy its beauty,
    p.s. Shared your post this week at Share Your Style #316 for you. <3


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