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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Kitchen Cabinet Coffee Corner for the Holidays

A well stocked coffee station is an essential part of our morning routine.    In order to provide all the stuff H & I need to have on hand I would have needed to buy a reallllly big unit to hold it all!    So,  I decided it would be my best choice to work with what I already had on hand......cabinet & counter space.    I had to do some serious purging and organizing to free up the cabinet space I needed for my coffee corner,   but it was well worth it to get room for what was important.....starting our day off right!

This photo shows everything we NEED on the counter to start our day off with a good cup of coffee.....

Now for a look behind the scenes.....

The Ninja coffee pot is the work horse in my coffee station and the small Keurig is the side kick....

I have our favorite flavors in the carousel and additional ones in the cabinet

Our morning ususally begins making a pot in the Ninja......our favorite is decaf  Houston has a nutty flavor with a touch of coconut     Then we move on to the hard stuff.....the single serve caffinated coffee in the Keurig.     We switch back and forth between decaf and caffinated in an effort to cut back on too much caffine during the day.

I have a couple of vintage pieces in the cabinet.....the antique biscuit jar and the old glass Sunsine coffee canister both belonged to my mother.

The big metal storage box houses lots of little boring stuff that I want to keep out of sight     I like to use metal boxes because I can print off holiday and seasonal prints to attach to the face of them.   (I use sticky magnetic strips to attach the prints)    I also only keep out the cups we use on a daily basis,  but I have plenty more in the back parts of the shelves that I can bring out when we entertain.

In the cabinet over the stove is where I store my Hot Cocoa sets......

Mother gave me this one for Christmas one year......

and this set was hers.     

  I don't use them very often because of so much sentimental value,   but I do bring them out for a special occasion.

When I entertain,   I open all the cabinet doors so my guests can have full access to all the different drinks available.    Coffee,    spiced tea,   hot chocolate,  all kinds of stuff.    I also use the top of the stove to serve other drinks as well......toddies,  Moscow Mule,  etc.

This little side cabinet houses some of my serving coffee pots and tea pots.

Now for the clean up......I take the wreath down  (I'll show you later in an upcoiming post where it goes)   put away some of the un needed clutter on the counter,  and close the cabinet doors.

Now the counter is all tidy!     If company happens to stop by during the day,   I can easly open my Cabinet Coffee Corner for business!


  1. The coffee station looks yummy with all the different creamers. I can't wait to see what you do with the wreath.

  2. So Cute! I love your coffee sets and those cute turkey salt and pepper shakers.

  3. So very nice... Sure wish you were my neighbor! I could use some "decorating" help! ha ha.. Happy holidays to you!

  4. Beth Minger Love, love, love the cocoa sets and the biscuit jar. Such lovely antiques!

  5. Penny,
    I just love what you did here in the kitchen!! I am so jealous of the size of your kitchen and that you had the room to do this!! Looks great!!

  6. Lovely coffee center and the cocoa sets are so special.

  7. Nothing beats a beautiful and functional coffee corner! Your antiques are lovely!

  8. Love the Hot Cocoa sets. I've been on the lookout for one for years!

  9. That is so adorable and funtional! I love how you open the cabinet doors and decorate them! Thanks for sharing with us at TFT. :)

  10. Really cute area, Penny! I LOVE the hot chocolate pot sets... I posted them off to my Lovely China board on Pinterest (you guys are where I find my best things to pin!). Anyway, I know you already know but, yes, I did feature your post at last week's Share Your Style #325 for you. <3 My hubby and I have our coffee center right near our kitchen sink (easy clean up!) and we have the cabinet right above it dedicated just to coffee and tea.

    Have a great week and I'll check out what you may have linked for tonight's SYS,
    Barb :)


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