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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Not Too Spooky Town in the Sun Room

I don't want to scare any of our Halloween guests,  so I created a Not too Spooky Town on the buffet in the sun room.

I used an assortment of elements to create my town......a Picture,   some metal buildings,   dried pumpkin leaves,   an old pick up truck,   printed signs for my buildings,  dried wheat,   a metal water tank,  ........  and the kitchen!

I used a lit picture as the centerpiece for my town     I purchased it many years ago at Kirklands when it was discounted after Halloween and it has become a staple in my Halloween decorating.

This year my picture is the Sleepy Hollow Headless Horseman Bed and Breakfast.    It's a pretty spooky place to stay since the front yard is a cemetary! 

My Spooky Town has Wicked Beautiful Flowers for sale at  Hawthorne Gardens Florist......

You can visit The Full Moon Farm that is just on the out skirts of town.    What do they grow on the farm....Wolfsbane of course...... 

Wolfsbane is a poisonious herb that is harvested only on Halloween!

The old truck delivers the herb to an apothecary shop in Spooky Town  

The Washburn & Chase Undertakers sell burial articles of all kinds......

There seems to be a big demand for undertakers in Spooky Town since there are several of them.

Can't have a town without a Coffee Shop can you?

I hope you enjoyed your visit to Spooky Town .....and weren't toooo Scared!


  1. I love your spooky town. Not too scary.

  2. I've been visiting your blog for some time now but have never left a comment. I just love your decorating and hearing about your neighborhood in New Mexico. Kinda makes my day at work and warms me up in the winter here in North Dakota when the temps dip WAY below zero.
    Anyway, thank you for letting me peek into your lovely home and yard!

    1. Hi Lou Lou, Thank you so much for taking time to leave me a made my day....hugs....

  3. The house in the picture is a little scary. The metal buildings could be decorated different every holiday. Spooky town is perfect, for the season.

  4. Good morning Penny,
    This vignette of Spooky Town is the cutest yet. I love everything in this setting. It's sweet and not creepy. It's like an old lady living in a haunted house; which isn't really haunted just the neighborhood kids think it is.
    Thanks for sharing this Halloween fun vignette. Oh, the watering tank turned upside down is such a cute table.

  5. This is so fun. I love your Spooky Town. Thanks for sharing your creativity. Happy Halloween 👻!

  6. I love the lit photo from Kirkland - You always find the good stuff! Thanks for sharing your Halloween decorations - - - :)

  7. This is too cute!! I love it. Thanks for sharing on Traffic Jam Weekend & Happiness is Homemade at!
    Niki - Life as a LEO Wife

  8. Thank you for sharing this on Traffic Jam Weekend. It has been chosen as a fave feature for this week's link party that goes live on Thursday at 5:00 pm CST.

  9. Penny,
    Love it all !! Everything looks great!! Playing catch up!!


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