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Sunday, November 28, 2021

St Nick's Laundry Room

Does anyone else decorate their laundry room for Christmas?     I like to decorate rooms in our home that I spend a lot of time in.....the kitchen,   family room,   and who doesn't spend plenty of time in the laundry room!

I wanted to decorate the laundry room a little different than I have in the past and I had so much fun planning how to do that!     I came up with the theme of St Nick's Laundry room and it was so much fun picking out the Christmas decor that I would use to make my vision come to life.

The first thing you see as you come into the laundry room is a white poinsettia wreath hung on the door welcoming you to Jolly Saint Nick's Laundry Co

Come on in and have a look around.....

The first thing you see is a big laundry basket full of stockings.    

Normally,    I would hang my stockings on the fireplace but for now they are in a basket at St Nick's Laundry Co    The stockings need to be freshly laundered for their big night coming up in a few weeks.

The kitchen towels are also at St Nick's Laundry Co

With all the cooking I do over the holidays I will need plenty of clean kitchen towels on hand

Since Christmas stockings don't have lost mates.......

I decided to use the hooks in the Lost Socks area of my laundry room as a place to hang delicate stockings to know....the ones that can't go in the!

I had a Farmhouse style banner hung across the window that I replaced with a Christmas banner.....

I made my Christmas banner several years ago and have always found a place for it in our home during the holidays.

In addition to being a laundry room,    it's a multi purpose room too.....another reason to decorate it for Christmas!

All the natural lighting in the laundry room makes it a perfect place for me to sit at the desk and put on my makeup and do my hair every morning....

I also use the desk as a work station for making shopping lists.....

Notes,   grocery lists.....etc

I hope you enjoyed visiing St Nick's Laundry Co as much as I loved creating it......

Merry Christmas


  1. Your decorating is so elegant. Ty.

  2. Penny,
    Love what you did in the Laundry room!! The stockings for wash in the laundry basket is so sweet!! What a fantastic idea!!!

  3. You probably look forward to doing laundry just so you can spend time in this festive space!


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