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Friday, December 10, 2021

Tabletop Metal Barn gets a Christmas Makeover

I've been working on this vignette on the stock tank buffet in the sunroom for DAYS....and Days.   I finally decided today to go ahead and take some photo's of it "as is"

I took my photo's and as I was editing them,    I suddenly realized what was wrong!

The tabletop barn that was the centerpiece of my vignette was incredibly BORING!

I took my boring metal barn and turned it into a cozy Bed & Breakfast.    

I started the transformation by giving the barn a new roof.     I had a partial roll of paintable stripable wallpaper left over that I had used to make the backsplashes for the kitchen.    

I'll just rip off my wallpaper roof if I decided later that I don't like it!

In my original vignette that I wasn't crazy about,   I had cows in front of the barn.    I thought deer would look better in front of my Bed & Breakfast so I dug out my deer and put away the cows.

I also had an idea that some of the guests at the B & B might be towing a trailer behind their pick up.    so I removed the cows from this side as well. 

It gets dark so early now!   
 It seemed like we had only got started before we had to call it a day

While I have been working on my vignette,    H has been getting the leaves cleaned out of the flower beds in front of the greenhouse.      

I am in hopes that tomorrow we can get more's hard to do when it doesn't warm up enough to work in the yard til noon and it gets dark at!



  1. I love the new roof it adds texture and the red truck with camper is so cute. Your Christmas decor is outstanding this year.

  2. Penny,
    Really cute!! You are always so imaginative!! Love it!


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