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Monday, May 23, 2022

Patriotic Pillow Talk on the Porch

Let's talk about decorating with pillows.    It's one of the easiest and budget friendly ways to add seasonal or holiday touches to your existing decor.

I don't buy decorative pillows any longer.....just covers for the pillows I already have on hand.   I have several drawers of covers but no longer have to find a way to store tons of pillows.      I also like to buy my covers in sets of 4 that have the same theme....and I usually get them on Amazon for under $20 a set.

When I ran across this set of 4 covers on Amazon I absolutely fell in love with them.   It's so hard to find Patriotic covers that have pastel colors that make them a better fit for my decorating style.

This cover is my personal favorite......

The pillow cover with the bicycle is a close second.....

Now to move on around the porch and take a look at the other 2 pillow covers..... 

The Patriotic gnomes are toooo cute.....

Roses are my favorite flower,   but I really like poppies too.

And last but not least......

A Patriotic floral design in a mason it.     Sometimes when they make you buy 4 at a time,   not all of them are great prints.    But.   I think in this case they are all winners ....don't you!

Remember the big farmhouse table that H made for the front porch?    Well,  we found that it wasn't getting as much use here as it used to so we moved it to another location.     I'll have a post coming up with all the details soon.

We found that when we entertained,    our guests liked to move around the porch....plate in hand....and visit with everyone.    They didn't seem to like being confined to a seat at the table so we decided to move it out and make small little cozy places to sit, eat, and visit.

I kept the decor on the end tables and coffee table to a minimum so there would be plenty of room to set plates or drinks.

We also have seating right off the porch and also around the yard.    I plan to share some of that seating in future posts to give you guys some idea's on how to handle larger crowds   
Thank you so much for stopping by today.....and everyday!   hugs


  1. I do the same thing; just buy the pillow covers which makes it so nice and easy to store them too! Yours are so cute and just perfect for blending patriotism with pastel summer colors.

  2. Hi Penny! Pillow covers are the greatest, aren't they?! I rarely buy pillows any more and the amount of storage space saved is fantastic. I love the price and variety of covers on Amazon as well - endless. Your patriotic porch looks so inviting and festive. Jane

  3. I enjoyed your pillow covers and seeing your yard and decor. I thrift placemats and make "lumbar pillow" covers--great behind your head, too. A simple foldover back keeps sewing to a minimum. Have used prehemmed cloth (tablecloth, sheets, upholstery samples, etc. to minimize even more sewing. Space is always is such supply for so many people--and I do love having seasonal decor!

  4. Such a fun space. Love how cozy and festive it is. Thank you for linking up on Farmhouse Friday. pinned

  5. What a lovely patriotic place, love it all!!

  6. OMGoodness Penny! I am IN LOVE with your massive rose bouquets on the table, on your new pillow slips, and in the large planters!!! I know this is why I chose your post this week for Share Your Style #347... I just love roses, too. They are my favorite flower and thankfully, I think after 5+ years I've figured out the secret to growing roses in Texas: a lot of grit mixed into just normal compost with the regular soil for really good drainage. My roses are THRIVING this year!!! Yeah!!!

    I look forward to reading your post about moving the outdoor table. I like outdoor tables, too, but find that I don't want our current one. It worked on the cement slab back in California but it doesn't work in the grass here. Time to look for something cuter and more vintage! ;)

    Happy summer to you,
    Barb :)
    p.s. As always, pinned a bunch of photos. :D

  7. Penny I visit your blog year after year and I never tire of your beautiful decorating ideas and lovely decor! I especially love your porch this summer! Congrats - you are one of our Featured Guests at this week's Inspire Me Monday party at Create With Joy!


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