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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

White Pumpkin Autumn Mantel

I love white pumpkins...... they are sweet and simple.....and created just the peaceful,  cozy,  romantic  look I was going for on the mantel in our bedroom
I have used many many many pumpkins across my mantels in the past,   but this Autumn I decided to   keep it simple by only using 3 big white pumpkins and 2 little Boo' s 
  I placed the big pumpkins far enough apart that they each had their own space and  little glimpses of the mirror behind them could be seen  in between them     I also put ornate risers under each big pumpkin to make sure they were the stars of my Autumn mantel

The paper garland I hung across the front of the mantel is a string of white pumpkins in a bed of pink roses      I also decorated my big white pumpkins with pink roses to tie everything together.

I tied together little bouquets of fall foliage and flowers to put on each end of the mantel.

I built a nest in each bouquet for my little pink owls....and the final touch for my Autumn mantel was a Baby Boo at each end.

I made a change in the wall decor above the mantel this fall.    Here's the before.....

And here is the after.....

You may remember that a few days ago I shared an auction mirror in the formal dining room and mentioned that I had bought 2 of them for  $2.50 each    The other one found a home above the mantel in our bedroom   Here's how it looked before I gave the frame a makeover.

The reason the mirrors were so cheap is because both of them had some minor damage.....that H was able to repair easily. 

Here's the before photo of the mirror that found a home in the dining room.....

And here's the after.....
If you missed that post with all the details,  click here....


I have an upcoming post sharing the changes I made to the wall decor on the other side of our bedroom......see you soon

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  1. I just love the white pumpkins with pink flowers ! They just POP !


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