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Monday, January 16, 2023

Vintage Valentines are the Stars of my Pink Valentine Tree

For the first time ever,   I decided to put up a Valentine tree this year in the studio. 

It is a special Valentine tree that I plan to leave up year round because it is decorated with Valentines that my mother got when she was a little girl

 Valentines are from the 40's and  they are still in really good  shape for as old as they are 


Other than Mother's Valentines,   I have very few other ornaments on my tree.....some white fabric  hearts.....a couple of metal hanging hearts,   and a few colored heart ornaments.

I can sit in my chair next to the Valentine tree and enjoy looking at Mother's Valentines while enjoying a cup of coffee.    I also have a good sized box full of her Valentines to thumb thru as well.

The top of the lockers make a great place to display Valentine decor......  

I haven't taken down the Christmas tree I put up earlier in the studio and so far I don't have any plans to.....maybe I'll leave it up year round too!!!



  1. Love your pink tree.The studio is pretty awesome.

  2. Oh my! I love the tree! With your Mother's wonderful vintage Valentine's! Amazing, very beautiful., Penny. I love your studio space.

  3. That pink tree is so pretty and well decorated.

  4. this is just adorable! happy pink saturday! xo

  5. Oh Penny, I just adore that Pink Valentine Tree!! I'm featuring your post Monday evening at All About Home!


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