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Sunday, July 9, 2023

Summer Farmhouse Kitchen

You know it's going to be a great day when you look out the window and spot a couple of Hummingbirds gathering nectar from the blooms on your Phlox       I often see butterflies on my Phlox but had never seen any Hummingbirds.....until today!

My plan for today is to sit here and watch for more!   
  Today,  H's plans are to repair some of the hail damage on the Sanctuary.    The faux flowers on the cross were really beat up by the hail.   I decided that rather than replace them,   I would go back with a fresh lower maintenance look.   Stay tuned...coming soon!
                        I always have trouble deciding how to decorate the kitchen after the 4th,     I love an old fashioned  summer Farmhouse that's what I created   

I introduced some Highland cows into my Farmhouse kitchen      And of course you know  of them had to be pink to fit into my kitchen! 

The rest of the Highlands were brown and white,   but I thought the flowers in their hair gave them a sweet summer look 

This cozy corner in the kitchen is where I sit early in the morning and enjoy the sun.    It's a time to relax and plan my day...... 

The Hoosier has a pull out that is big enough that I can use it as a desk.    But,,,, yet small enough to  enjoy a cup of tea,  a snack,  or even lunch.

I love my kitchen so much.....and enjoy changing things around pretty often.    When I was cleaning and changing up the kitchen decor,   I swore that I wouldn't change it again until Fall.....  but who knows?    I probably will!



  1. I Love this! Your summer farmhouse kitchen id just perfect. I love anything cows, and seeing your kitchen totally delighted me today.
    Visiting today from Happiness Is Homemade 486 #19&20.

  2. Your kitchen is what brought me to you all those years ago Penny. I personally love pink! I cannot seem to get my husband on board with a pink kitchen though, so I am thinking maybe a few sprinkles of it when we get to working on it. I love your back patio, and would love to have something like it when we get the chance to work on it. I do not think I have seen a Hoosier that pulls out like a desk before, that is a pretty large workspace. To think some ladies of the house worked on that area and made feasts! I think I need an abundance of counterspace when we remodel, and yet, I think my grandmother made feasts from the smallest countertop ever. Her space was about the size of the desk part. Makes me feel a bit foolish thinking I need more, more, more! Hope you have a lovely weekend, the kitchen looks so cute, and I love the pink cow!


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