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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Faux Fall Tree

I always get a little antsy to put up a Christmas tree about this time of year.    I think I enjoy the glow of the lights the most.....  

A faux Fall tree is not by any means a substitute for a Christmas tree,   but I sure do enjoy the warm glow it adds to my fall decorating....

 The bones of my faux fall tree is a lit birch tree from the Christmas section.....then I took the leaves off a couple of fall leaf bushes.    The leaves slid easily onto the thin branches and stayed  without any adhesive 

This Fall I've been hung up on mushrooms and fox's (is fox's even a word???)  .....

So,   that's the theme I used to make a fall vignette on the pass thru between the kitchen and family room

The Fall tree is the star of the vignette....

The big mushrooms are a close second every year!      I actually bought my mushrooms in a close out of Christmas decor a few years ago.....but I use them year round.   

 I visited the pumpkin patch a few days ago.....

I am always drawn to the most bumpy and scuffed pumpkins on the!

Thanks for stopping by......I appreciate each and every visit....hugs!



  1. I love all the natural elements in this setting, and golly those mushrooms are fabulous! Yes, I think we all need a bit of enchantment...(also screaming to be reused in an Alice in Wonderland episode..) Ha, enjoyed this, Sandi.


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