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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Backyard

We spend a lot of time in our sun porch and this view is part of the reason.  You can see the potting shed, the studio, and part of the back yard. The potting shed is made from doors that we have collected on our trips.  The studio was originally a oversized second two car garage. Howard hung a lot of doors!!!!!  He did all the work on both projects.  I've had him over half my life,  he's a keeper!


  1. I love your studio and your DOORS! How nice it is to have someone handy that can do things. MyHero is not quite so handy....a good buisnessman...a good pastor....but a horrible handyman- xo Diana

    1. Thank you so much Diana! We all have our talents! I have not been able to add any blogs that I like etc. Any ideas? Hugs, Penny

  2. What a gorgeous back yard, and the doors are a great idea, would like to see more pictures of it, my guy is also not very handy. Thank you for sharing, going through all your blogs.

  3. Hi Penny,
    You have a very lovely home. I enjoyed so much viewing your post. I love the outdoor patio with the tiny greenhouse and bed! So sweet! I am your newest follower and hope you will stop by and visit me. Have a great weekend.

  4. Welcome to blogging Penny! What wonderful treasures you have to share with us.... I love that view too. What an awesome hubby you have - very handy & helpful!! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on our fairy garden. If we painted the trim light pink it would be right at home with you! :)

  5. Your husband did a wonderful job..... I would like to borrow him if you don't mind...LOL

    Take Care~


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