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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Halloween Piano Mantle!

I " hallo weeny fied" the top of the piano.

I kind of went with an " Adam's"  family photo theme!   

Here is a sweet little family member dressed for the ballet!

Another family member playing the piano...... 

Little devilish grin!

Family 'BUSTS"

I love the glow of candles!

I made some picture frames from vintage silver casserole dish holders.  I pick them up at yard sales for about a dollar because the dishes have been broken.

This is a piece of burlap that I had on the front porch. GRUNGY, xo I though...use it for Halloween!   It had got stained from some flower pots that were sitting on it. I was thinking of just throwing it away, but... I glued it to the front of the cardboard inserts. ( I should have glued some to the back to cover the bud light logo, lol)

I asked Howard to put some cardboard in the silver trays, leave it to a man to use his beer carton!

So, here are my frames all finished...Howard picked some peppers from the garden and where did he put them!!!!

I added a photo from the Graphic Fairy and wa..laa.

Here is another make do photo frame!  I have a bunch of white frames but could I remember where I put them..No, so I  had to made do.  This is a picture that I got at HL for 90% off one day. Can you see the hangers on the left side? 

This is the back of the photo.

I just hot glued the corners of this cute picture of some goulish brothers. I can easily remove it after Halloween.

So, here is the family room!  I've got the mantle done, the piano, and now I need some inspiration for the coffee table........

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  1. Well hello Halloween! Love all of your touches and how you used the piano as your focal point.


  2. That is the prettiest Halloween display I have seen!

  3. Lovely Halloween display. Both romantic and haunting. take care, Darlene

  4. Amazing Family Room!! Can I come over??? =)Deanna

  5. Dear Penny, everything looks marvellous!!!Your piano mantle is fantastic and your photo frames are very funny.

  6. Penny,
    As I said before, here I am playing catch up!

    LOVE what you did with the piano!! I so love all the pink and black!! LOVE those Adam's family pictures!!

    Everything looks great!!


  7. Hi Penny, I'm a Penny too and love all of your original decorating ideas. Your use of vintage linens is lovely, so glad I stopped by.

  8. I love the vintage spooky, so original! I would love to have you come share your great ideas at the link party at 'Or so she says...', happening right now. Hope to see you there!


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