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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas in the Guest Room

Our guest room is decorated for Christmas and ready for company!  I made a wreath to hang on the armoire where I store quilts. This wreath is ...very pretty...easy to make...and inexpensive!  I am not good at tutorials, but here goes!!   I start by spraying a grape vine wreath white.  (I got mine at a yard sale for .25)  Then,  I wrap a string of 100 lights (use the cool ones with white cordses) around the white wreath,  secure in a few places with silver wire.   I got my lights  at HL with a 40% off coupon.  Then, I went to the Dollar Tree and purchased 2 packs of 6--7" paper doilies ( they are in the wedding section).  I cut some of them in half and some in quarters and started hot gluing them around the wreath.  I also cut a little  X in the center of some of the doilies and put them around the individual lights..add some ribbon to the bottom of the wreath and glue little pieces of lace anywhere you can see the grape vine wreath 

Those little trees on each side of the armoire came from the day H was taking out the trash ..and there they were!  Sitting by the!

This sweet little winter doll was hand crocheted by my great aunt...I think she is beautiful!

The snowflakes on her dress are done with glittery yarn...

Look at her little cute!

H has two vintage record players, this one is an Edison. The other one is a Victrola.

Hand painted Christmas record and a vintage "Nipper" dog.... he is one of the trademarks for the Victor Talking Machine Co.  (Victrola...RCA).

One of H's smoking stands...we don't either one smoke...

This is a rare vintage Victrola gramophone dancing figure....she does a little "jig" as the record plays...the grands love her!

Here are some of the ornaments..both tree's are done the same...

I used violins as tree toppers with  lace bows.

This is the dresser in the guest bedroom..I have mother's vintage lamps on it....and a little Santa and sleigh...

H bought this vintage sliding trombone at an auction this past summer for $ cost $6.98 new.  It came with the case and music sheets.

I have just a simple chenille spread for our guests, extra pillows and blankets are in the closet.

I have H's typewriters in this bedroom also..

At the end of the bed is an afghan that my grandmother made.   H also collects vintage cameras, old books, clocks, English Bosson heads and, and,and.................

I hope you enjoyed seeing our guest room decorated for the holidays! 


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  1. It looks lovely, Penny- A guest room to make one smile! xo Diana

  2. Penny,I think you did very well on your tutorial. Your wreath is the prettiest I've seen. Very clever. x

  3. Love the wreath and the lights are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I love the wreath! I love that it is so simple to make, and so beautiful!

  5. PENNY! That wreath is positively dreamy :)

  6. Beautiful wreath and great tutorial!

  7. Hi!!!

    The room is absolutely beautiful!! What time do you want me to arrive? LOL!!


  8. Any guest would LOVE to stay in your room, Penny! I know I would!

  9. I am an old fashioned, romantic kind of girl, and I absolutely love your ideas!

  10. I love your wreath! It's amazing! I enjoyed seeing the victrola's I have an old one (over 100yrs.) and it works like a dream. I loved it even as a child. I've never seen the dancing girl that goes on one! Fascinating!

  11. I love these so much, I really want to make one one day, your house as always gorgeous!

  12. The wreath is just lovely.TFS.

  13. My goodness a lot of vintage in one room, you have it all displayed beautifully!, haven;t see a smoking stand like that in a long time, someone in my family had one, just remembered it when I saw yours, Great arrangment for a guest room!

  14. Penny,
    Here I am playing catch up again.. It is the story of my life lately...
    Now you know that this Victorian soul would love this room, didn't you???

    When can I come to stay?? LOL!
    The wreath is spectacular, girl!! LOVE it!!
    The trees for free are my kind of pricing!! and they look great!!!
    The Edison and the Victrola are to die for along with all the other things in H.'s collection!
    He truly is a man after my own heart!!
    The violins......OMG!!
    And all the lamps are stunning!!

    Now I want to tell you a quick story. My MIL retired from a RCA factory. There were 2 large ones here and then they were later sold. But the retiree's belong to what they call The Nipper Club and meet once a month!!
    So RCA things are big in my area!!
    When she worked there, we bought all our TV's there at the Family Store.


  15. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! We would like to invite you to a blog hop! We are co-hosting with Adorned From Above. We would love to have you link up. The party is live and will run through Sunday. You can link up at
    Hope to see you there!
    Joye & Myrna
    The Busy Bee's

  16. That is so pretty and feminine Penny. So glad you shared your wreath with the dollar tree party. It is fabulous.

  17. Very pretty! Thank you for linking up with the Clever Chicks this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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